The best football movies

The best football movies
One of the most legendary photos of Pelé during the filming of the movie 'Evasion or Victory'' (Cinemania)

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Which are the best football movies? This article will attempt to collect two of our passions: football and cinema. For it, We will try to choose the best football movies (of course under our humble opinion). You can leave your comments at the end to add others that you think they deserve to be on this list.

The best football movies in history

Escape to Victory

The best football movies
In any list of the best football movies should appear 'Escape to Victory'. The mixture of great actors (Sylvester Stallone or Michael Caine among others) with football stars like Pele and Bobby Moore himself makes it a must for movie lovers and football. See 'Rambo’ make stops Priceless (Photo: The Mohicans antepenúltimo)


Mean Machine
Very much in the line of the previous, again we met some prisoners who dispute a party in jail. Vinnie Jones, who was one of the most aggressive Soccer Players in History, is the main character. The goalkeeper character played by Jason Statham crazy is sublime (Photo: Sky)


Shaolin Soccer
In agreement, It is not the best football movie much less, but we want to include it in this list because of course if you want to laugh and hang you must see. If you think it's impossible to make a kind of Oliver and Benji with flesh and blood you're wrong. 100% recommendable (Photo: Screenrush)


The best football movies
Want to see Frodo (Elijah Wood) deliver milk as breads? Well here you can do it. This film shows us the world 'hooligan'. In particular it focuses on a group of West Ham fans dedicated to organizing fights against groups of rival teams. Interesting movie that we can see in Spanish on YouTube (Photo: Espinof)


The best football movies
Another film that can not miss in this list of the best football movies. The Damned United discusses the controversial Brian Clough (that made champions and European Cup Nottingham Forest) but this time focusing on his time at Leeds and Derby County. Very good (Photo: Sportsjoe)


Football Days
Spanish hilarious comedy starring Ernesto Alterio, Fernando Tejero and Alberto San Juan among others. A group of friends try to escape from their daily problems by creating a football team. Laughter insured (Photo: Ten minutes)


The Keeper
This German film tells the incredible true story of Bert Trautmann, Nazi paratrooper who was one of the 90 survivors of a battalion 1.000 mens. Trautmann (title of the film in Germany) It was captured by English soldiers where he was a prisoner. Years later he was released but he refused to return to Germany staying to live in England.
That was when he started playing football and got the chance to sign for Manchester City. Initially, like is logic, much of the fans was against the signing of a former Nazi soldier. But nevertheless, after 15 years defending the goal of the club became legendary 'citizen’ (Film Stories).


United movie
Another great movie based on Manchester United's tragic accident in Munich in 1958. Very well set. further, we can see it in full and in Spanish on YouTube (Information)


The Miracle of Bern
Great movie that focuses on that historic final between Hungary and Germany in the World Cup 1954. Again, very well set and, like others on this list, we can find it complete and in Spanish on Youtube (Radio Snail)


A film that teaches us the story of Jimmy Grimble, a shy boy who loves soccer and a fan of City in a city where almost everyone is from United and he is a freak. And there was a time when City were Manchester's small and modest team. Jimmy wants to be a footballer for his City and some old boots and the advice of a former star of the team of his soul make him play like a crack. In the movie, by the way, the old man comes out Maine Road, former Manchester City stadium.

football movies: Jimmy Grimble's dream
The dream of Jimmy Grimble and the City of the late 90. PHOTO: Google

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  1. Although a bit sensational and very propagandistic I would include “The game of our lives” Y “Road to glory” They are not tops but very endearing and recommended.

  2. ADIDAS vs PUMA want to see but can not find the subtitulo.
    Excellent your page. I invite you to spend x my youtube channel: stories of Argentine football and the world

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