The brutal aggression of Eric Cantona to a fan of Crystal Palace

The brutal aggression of Eric Cantona to a fan of Crystal Palace
Eric Cantona's kick at a Crystal Palace fan went around the world (Photo: The Telegraph)

Eric Cantona He was one of the best players of the year 90. The French, he had his best years as a professional in the Manchester United, always he stood out for its quality as a player but also for his eccentricities and his strong character, something that caused him serious problems. Today we'll talk a historical action, worse, Gallic crack.

Everything occurred 25 of January of 1995. The Crystal Palace received the Manchester United. With 0-1 the score, Cantona made a brutal entry about Richard Saw, opposing defense, and Frenchman was sent off. Eric He took his stuff to leave the pitch and when he did, apparently, the insults received from a local hobbyist who made him mad. ‘The King‘, as he was known Cantona, without a moment's hesitation he threw a roundhouse kick against the fan plus a couple of punches.

The only thing I regret is not having hit stronger

The incident cost him dearly as the French striker was banned for 9 months without playing football, 120 hours of community service and a 30.000 pound fine. Yet after many years, Cantona shows no arrepentiemiento, rather, the opposite: “The only thing I regret is not having hit stronger“, It has been said in interviews Recently.


But who was that swells and what has been his life since then? His name is Matthew Simmons and his life has been a nightmare since that incident. As he said in an interview The Guardian: “Nothing justifies what I told him what happened to me since then. Cantona accused me of terrible things. He ruined my life“.

effectively, Simmons he lost his job and his family gave him aside. Years after that incident had problems with the law and was investigated by the press who accused him of having an ideology of extreme right and racist. In fact, It was speculated that he told Cantona: “Go to your country, French fucking“, something the amateur denies. Today is a living as a bricklayer and has a son.

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