The former Spanish League rating with positive and negative points

The former Spanish League rating with positive and negative points
A classification of the time with positive and negative points where you can see that the home draws and defeats penalized with -1 Y -2 and draws and away wins with +1 Y +2 (cihefe)

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Many do not remember or have not lived directly what, but there was a time when football had other rules as far as scoring is concerned. Besides the victories served to add two points to the winner and draws numbered one, for many years existed in the Spanish league the positive and negative points.

This system was present in the league for many years and was not replaced until the season 1995-1996 when the victories worth three points pass where disappear the negative and positive of all ratings.

Pluses and minuses

But how those points were obtained and what they were? The answer is simpler than it seems. At that time it was taken for logical local team victory so if a match ended with victory for the team playing at home Sumara it served to two points and rival, the visitor, zero. So far so clear.

Things changed when a match ended with a draw or away win. If a match ended in a draw, the local amounted to a point but received a negative. Meanwhile, the team was getting a point and also obtained a positive. In the same way, If a match ended with away win, the home team got 0 points and is wearing 2 negative while the winner got one 2+2.

Thus far the teams that were able to be valued “scratch” points away from home and turn became strong at home. Conversely, teams accumulated showing that let out negative points were lazy at home and on the road.

Of course, as now, the points that had real value in the final standings were obtained winning or tying regardless of whether they were getting at home or away, but it was amusing that the positives and negatives and all those who lived with them for many seasons gave us some grief and nostalgia when the current scoring system was implemented and we fail to see the rankings of the newspapers of that time.

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  1. They were also used to see if, in case of tie on points, the one with the most positives (the least negative) it was because he had more home games to play (see Burgos and Sporting in the table of examples)

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