Jules Rimet Cup, predecessor of the World Cup

Jules Rimet Cup, predecessor of the World Cup
Pickles, the dog who found the Jules Rimet Cup (Photo: Fifa.com)

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All football fans have in mind trophy the world Cup, those figures golden holding a planetary ball. But this has not always been the winning prize the winning team of each World; He was before Jules Rimet Cup, who fulfilled that role until 1970, and he had a more hectic lives.

When he launched the Uruguay World in 1930, it was decided that a trophy would be given to the winner. This requires a set of cup 3,8 kilos and 35 centimeters sterling silver gold-plated work of the sculptor Abel Lafleur. Later, the trophy went on to be named after the football agent who launched the championship, the French Jules Rimet.

A golden sculpture designed to show off in showcases with honors, but for several years he was stuck in a shoebox. Italy He had the trophy after having won in 1938 and Italian Ottorino Barassi, Vice President FIFA, He took care to avoid falling into the hands of the occupation troops during the Second World War. That took it home and hid it in a box under his bed during those difficult years.

CUP STOLEN Jules Rimet

The adventures and misadventures of the cup had a fact highlighted in 1966, when England exposed in the preview of the World Cup would host the country that invented football. One day the trophy disappeared, no longer he was, They had stolen. But it appeared a few days later and was the one who found Pickles, a dog. Owner realized that the dog was fixed at one point to the side of a tree, and he was buried there representing the Greek goddess of victory Niké holding a glass.

Retirement Jules Rimet Cup He came in 1970, when Brazil He stared property as a reward for winning his third world. Then created the actual trophy is awarded every four years to the selection at that time occupied the throne mundialista.

But the original cup is named after the former president of the FIFA no longer exists. Year 1983 again it is stolen, In janeiro river, and this time has not reappeared, therefore supposed was melted for their precious metals. What it is now the Brazilian Football Confederation is a replica. The original and only remains in history.

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