Did you know that Sevilla FC shirt is white by an error?

Did you know that Sevilla FC shirt is white by an error?
Sevilla formation of season 1979-1980 with Paco, Juanito, Rivas, nimo, Sanjosé and White; Juan Carlos, Scotta, Montero, Murua and Bertoni (Photo: Equiposdefutbol2.blogspot.com)

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The origins of some clubs are full of curiosities. The color case Sevilla FC T-Shirt It is a clear example and, as it happens with other teams, It has its origin in a mere error.

to get started, and there is some controversy regarding the founding year of the Seville club. The date defends Sevilla FC is the 25 of January of 1890, but nevertheless, the official acts of the centenary were held in the year 2005 since the registration of associations were not carried out until 14 October 1905.


Focusing on the theme of our article, Sevilla T-Shirt It began as white as happened with the vast majority of teams in the early years because it was the easiest and most economical color get .

But nevertheless, the 31 of January of 1909 It was an event that was key to the history of the Seville club. The Sevilla He agreed to a friendly match against Huelva Recreation Club (actual Recreativo de Huelva, dean of Spanish soccer club).

The idea of ​​sevillistas directors was presented to the Seville company officially agreed and for that release their T-shirts with red stripes from Sunderland. But nevertheless, these shirts did not arrive in time and Sevilla jumped onto the pitch with his shirt and pants white and black stockings.

This clothing was well received by all and for this reason the board decided that Sevilla FC T-Shirt He would remain white that has survived until today.

Finally, the red and white shirts arrived and that is why those colors were employed by the Sevilla as second kit from 1913 a 1945 and subsequently in seasons 1972-1973 Y 2015-2016. But nevertheless, the color that has been used as an alternative uniform was red from said campaign 1945.

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