Did you know that Chile was invented by a Basque?

Did you know that Chile was invented by a Basque?
Hugo Sanchez is one of the greatest exponents of the Chilean (Photo: ABC)

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Chilean It is one of the most spectacular stunts football. All the big stars of the sport have tried with varying degrees of success score a goal with this type of auction. Today we will try to explain the origin of this play so peculiar.

Although not confirmed the 100% it seems that the first professional footballer who implemented the Chilean was Ramón Unzaga it was not but Chilean Basque, specifically Deusto (Bilbao). as a child (with only 12 years) This stripling emigrated from his homeland to arrive at Chile in 1906. Shortly after, to meet 18, Chilean nationalized.

According to the chronicles of the time, Circuit It was a round sportsman. He practiced with great skill but also football swimming, athletics and even water polo. It was in January 1914 when fans could enjoy the first Chilean footballer although this, curiously, the usually used as a defensive action to prevent goals opponent and to clear the ball from their area. It happened at the stadium El Morro Harbor Talcahuano. Initially this stunt was christened 'Chorera’ referring to the Chorera School, the football team of the Chilean port.

THE CHILEAN Ramón Unzaga

So I picked up the journalist and Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano in his book Football in Sun and Shadow in 1995: “Ramón Unzaga invented the move, on the court of the Chilean port of Talcahuano: with the body in the air, back down, legs shot the ball back, in a sudden swing of scissor blades”.

Player of Basque origin became captain of Chile with whom he played two South American championships (the current America's Cup) in 1916 Y 1920 both played in Argentina. Precisely, the first held in Buenos Aires, Ramón Unzaga He made several Chilean who surprised the public and reporters were present began to publish and to talk about 'Chilean’ for the first time.

Chile slowly began to be used as an offensive weapon. Top strikers try this way to try to make a goal. It looks like, in 1925 (Foundation year Colo Colo) the Chilean team travels to Spain and popularize this type of play that is called 'scissor'. In other countries like Brazil or Italy it became known as' bicycle’ or auction of 'bucket'.

Precisely in Brazil in 1932, The popular footballer Leonidas da Silva He is the author of the first goal of Chilean registered. Even for a time was attributed to the invention Brazilian Chilean, something he denied.

Definitely, one of the most spectacular plays football whose best representative of history possibly the Mexican Hugo Sanchez What did you get a collection of great goals with this auction. Also other greats like Van Basten, Skin, Rivaldo, Roonie, Ibrahimovic Chilean managed impressive goals. They are all indebted to a Basque who popularized in the early years of the twentieth century.

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