The emotional letter from Eric Cantona against current football model

The emotional letter from Eric Cantona against current football model
Eric Cantona, Manchester United legend (Premier League)

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Eric Cantona He was always a person who did not leave anyone indifferent. As a player it was all in the Manchester United Hand Alex Ferguson he was the one who recruited him for his team in the years 90.

The French, he retired with only 30 years, He has made public a letter to The Players Tribune entitled: “What is the meaning of life”. In her, Galo former striker makes a profound reflection on life and the sport that gave to the world, football.

In the beginning of it focuses on its origins. On how his grandparents had to escape the Spanish Civil War and emigrate to France. Later talks about his childhood in the bosom of a humble family to the point that he himself, as a child, I had to help build your home.

According to him all this forged as a person and as a player who would later: “When people ask me because I played as played, this is the answer. Football gives meaning to life itself, But life also gives meaning to football.”

Against football business

The Frenchman continues his reflection: “We live in times of poverty, war and immigration. Today there are many more people who can not even buy a ball that those who can afford 200 euros for a ticket to a match of the Premier League. Football brings many lessons in life but football this business model is being ignored many people. Poor neighborhoods need more soccer than football to the slums. sustainable Football is necessary, positive and inclusive”.

Eric Cantona It is one of the players who has joined the project initiated by Juan Mata to give a 1% wages of footballers to social work to help the needy since according to him: “Football should be people. all. Rich and poor, immigrants. All we find the same joy in this game. In a soccer field all speak the same language and we feel the same emotions”.

Word of one of the best players in the history of Manchester United.

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