The first school soccer Spain

The first school soccer Spain
La Toba, first football school in Spain, nowadays (Ayuntamiento de Avilés)

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In football we see very normal existence of football schools and sports complexes and rare is the professional club that does not have a Sports City. Today we remember what was the first school soccer Spain model and idea which served as inspiration for many others today are a benchmark.

In the year 1950 It began construction of what would become the main economic engine of the city of Aviles, the "villa del Adelantado", along its history. In 1957 the steel factory opens Ensidesa, a huge industrial complex that would employ thousands of workers. The first blast furnace was dubbed "Carmen" in honor of Carmen Polo, present at the opening and wife, the then head of government, Francisco Franco.

This huge industrial complex came to have up to 21.000 employees and made the population of the town of Aviles pass from the 21.000 inhabitants in 1950 to the 85.000 in 1975, quadrupling its population with people coming from other parts of Asturias and the rest of Spain, particularly Extremadura and Andalusia, to work. Thousands of jobs created, In a direct way, and indirect, brought by the steel company evenly they matched the growth of small towns surrounding Aviles, born neighborhoods and villages to welcome newcomers.

Juan Muro de Zaro

One of them was Llaranes, located opposite the "fabricona" of Ensidesa. in Llaranes, a year before, in 1956, he was born Club Deportivo Llaranes, whose vice president, economist and head of the economic department of the steel company, Juan Muro de Zaro, will be the key figure in the creation of the football club linked to the company and the birth of the first school soccer Spain: La Toba (Sports Complex today called Hermanos Castro and dependent on the City of Aviles).

In the year 1965, Zaro wall, acquires some land for Ensidesa in order to create a soccer school for children of employees of the company where he works and students who were studying there trades apprenticeship courses. The steel company built five stages of soccer for youth teams, a field for the first team, Santa Barbara, Cafeteria, locker rooms and a living technicalization.

The 22 May that year, Juan Muro de Zaro, becomes president of Llaranes, dissolving the club and making it dependent on that company and carrying, Of course, your name. is born CD ENSIDESA and with him, the same day, It becomes official opening of the school football devised, and it began operating, shortly after, that same summer 65. The company happens to take full charge of the team and their joint base, Of course, the newly established school football international players that will Quini, Jesus Castro O Alfredo Mejido.


The CD ENSIDESA creates a competitive team based contracts offer lower footballers, but accompanied by a labor supply for the future. So they get a pull effect in many of the players from different quarries Asturian, what, also, the club combined with a signed agreement with the Real Sporting Gijon for the release of players, dramatically improving the performance of the steel assembly.

The team spend big players like rojiblancos Jose Manuel, Churruca, Vallina, Cundi, Enrique Morán and Joaquín Villa, among others. All come to play in the Primera Liga with Sporting and some, as Churruca, Morán O Cundi, international would be with the Spanish national team. The Ensidesa alternate, during the years of its existence, Third and Second Division B, even he got, in 1975 and with a staff of great players from different clubs like Asturian Lombardy, Vallina, Atucha O New, got, after winning promotion to Baracaldo, promotion to the silver category of Spanish football, where one season would dispute.

Club Deportivo Ensidesa training season 1972-1973. Down, the second from the right, Cundi, would become international with Spain.

A year before, in 1974, and the team led by Valentine Piquero, Football champion Spain was proclaimed Business, where they could only play those players who were employees of the same. The team was tremendous quality, with plenty known names in the Asturian football season, the goalkeeper Avelino Buera, or field players like interior Casielles, for example, They made the difference.

Lezama and lightheadedness

The CD ENSIDESA He also had other sections of different sports: hockey or athletics, for example. In 1 July 1983, with the company in a serious economic crisis, and there and only the football section, the computer is merged with the Real Aviles, giving rise to the birth of Real Industrial Avilés, to regain its historical name, losing his surname from "Industrial" Year 2010.

Juan Muro de Zaro It was, so, a pioneer in the world of football, only president in the history of CD ENSIDESA, and creator of the first school soccer Spain, in the distant 1965. Prioritized quarry care and training of players from the base. Later, in 1971, the Athletic Club de Bilbao imitate their model Lezama and subsequently, in 1978, the Sporting do the same with Dizziness. Today, Stadium neighborhood Llaranes, He is named in his honor, although still a great forgotten by the generality of Spanish football.

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  1. some teams (there were several subsidiaries throughout Asturias) and facilities ALL paid by the State. It seems to me a shame, rather than merit. And the misnamed “fusion” which it was actually an absorption with all the letters.

  2. The football club of the steel company was only partially supported by this . The Ensidesa Company Group was created for this purpose, which ran, majority but partially, with the expenses generated by the sports club. Regarding the absorption or merger, the second was chosen (at least in name, although in practice it is debatable) and it was through the ballot box: majority voted yes to “fusion” the members of both clubs, presided over by Juan Muro de Zaro and Jesús Manuel Llera. The first soccer school in Spain is for the town of Avilés to be proud of it, model that, also, then they copied Féliz Oráa San Martín for Athletic de Bilbao (Lezama) and Carlos Méndez Cuervo (although it was made by Ángel Viejo Feliú) for Sporting (Dizziness).

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