The best striker in the history of Spain

The best striker in the history of Spain
Who is the best striker in the history of Spain?

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The Best Forward in the History of the Spanish National Team. Big stars like Raúl, Of Stefano, Butragueño, Fernando Torres and David Villa made great contributions to their country to be considered the best forward in the history of Spain. The amount of goals, the number of participations and all the titles achieved define who has been the best.

Choosing the best striker in the history of the national team is difficult. Different football aspects must be taken into account. Achievements with the national team as well as with their clubs. Number of appearances with the national team and of course the number of goals scored.

Having a good striker is synonymous with many goals for the team. Which opens a great opportunity to bet on this scoring team. The betting houses Spain offer many attractive bets for the number of goals scored.

Without a doubt, having world-class players in the Spanish soccer team has been something common throughout history.. Hence, you have to analyze the best prospects to choose the best. Among the best scorers of the Spanish national team are:

  • Alfredo Di Stefano.
  • Emilio Butragueno.
  • Raúl Gonzales Blanco.
  • Fernando Torres.
  • David Villa.

Alfredo Di Stefano.

Although he is a player born in Argentina, the wonders he did with the ball he convinced many. What did he even grant him Spanish nationality. To be able to play international matches with the Spanish soccer team. Although he never got to participate in a world cup.

Alfredo had a total of 31 appearances with the Spanish team between the years 1957 Y 1962. During this period he recorded a number of 23 goals. Leaving him with an average of 0,74 goals for each soccer match Spain

In this period, his club was Real Madrid, with which he also obtained important figures.. In fact, in this great stage he got two golden balls. He was later awarded a super ballon d'or in honor of his career, being ahead of Johan Cruyff and Michel Platini in the voting..

Emilio Butragueno

He was a hunter who was in charge of stalking the rival area in every game he played. Marco a splendid era at Real Madrid along with four other Madrid players. Which were nicknamed “the fifth of the vulture”.

His success With the club he managed to take it to every football match Spain played against other national teams. Achieving 26 cabbages in a total of 69 matches with the Spanish team.

For almost eight years playing for the national team, Emilio Butragueño participated in two World Cups (1986 Y 1990). In the first World Cup he managed to score four goals but in the second he could not beat the rival goal.

Raúl González white.

There is no doubt that Raúl was a scoring machine. At the club level, he managed to score an impressive amount of 404 goals. I participate in 942 matches distributed in four different clubs of 4 different leagues and three continents.

For just over a decade in the national team he participated in three World Cups, three Olympic games and two European Cups. Scoring 44 goals in 102 parties of which 5 the three World Cups in which he was present were scored (1996, 2000 Y 2004).

Despite his great numbers, he could not win important titles for his country. Although in the Spanish soccer team players of the stature of Fernando Hierro, Xavi Hernández and Iker Casillas shared a dressing room with him.

Fernando Torres

“The child” He used to be called this great player who just two years ago ended his career. It was one of the important pieces that helped Spain finally reach important titles and mark an era that they dominated and where they won two Euro Cups and a World Cup consecutively..

In fact, in that first European Championship reached by Spain in the 2008, Fernando Torres scored the only goal of the game with great cunning and skill. Goal that would determine the final result. Besides being the man of the match, would grant, after 44 years, the first Eurocup for Spain.

Torres played matches with the Spanish soccer team in different tournaments. A total of 110 matches in which he scored 38 goals in the best stage of his country in all history.

David Villa

David “The Guaje” Villa has lived a spectacular football career, where he won almost everything at the club and national team level. On any team that came, was indisputable as a result of his goals

Among this Spanish soccer team players stand out for their important achievements, but Villa is the one who counts with better numbers. He is the top scorer of the Spanish national team with 59 many in 98 matches.

He was also the scorer of the Eurocup, in the edition of 2008. Where Spain achieved its first star. His most important goals were the 5 who scored in the World Cup in South Africa. Where the selection finally managed to be crowned world champion. For this reason it was a favorite in the bets and forecasts of many Spain bookmakers.

The Best Forward in the History of Spain is David Villa

All players on the list, and others who were not named such as Telmo Zarra or Francisco Gento have made history. But without a doubt, Villa's collective and individual trophies reveal what the most complete striker the Spanish team has ever had..

Currently there are very good strikers but one has not yet appeared that threatened David Villa's record as a scorer of the red team. For this reason, the last technicians of the national team have rotated the strikers in each soccer game in Spain..


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