The five media history signings Levante

The five media history signings Levante
Caszely with granota shirt (Photo: Levante UD)

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The Levante UD It has always been a humble club until the twenty-first century had only fought twice in the First Division in years 60. Despite having wandered second or even third division for several years, He has managed to have great players whose signings were real bombs in his time. go over the media signings history.

Gaspar Rubio

Gaspar Rubio Levante UD
Gaspar Rubio with blanquinegra tee Levante FC (Photo: Levante UD)

Valencia was one of the best players of his era. champion the first League history with the Real Madrid and international with Spain on four occasions, He began his career as a player in several teams of Barcelona where his family had emigrated to work. Before joining the club merengue and wore the elastic granota between 1926 Y 1928. After playing in Real Madrid, Valencia and Atletico Madrid returned to granota set in several stages, in one of them proclaimed Champion Cup in Spain Libre 1937.


Faas Wilkes
Faas Wilkes poses before a workout (Photo: Levante UD)

The Dutch player was one of the best of his era. Is the third top scorer in the history of your selection behind of Kluivert Y Bergkamp, yes, having played almost half of games (38 games / 35 goals). After succeeding in Torino and Inter Milan, It was signed by Valencia where he became one of the best players in the league with Di Stefano's Real Madrid O Kubala at Barca.

Shortly after he returned to Holland but he missed the city of Turia, something that took Antonio Román, President of Levante, to sign the Dutch crack in the season 1958-1959 paying a million pesetas. At that time the granota militated in Second Division club and eagerly sought the rise. His time as Barca lasted one season but caught on very good performances and Vallejo enjoyed his 13 goals in 25 matches.


Considered one of the best players in the history of Chile, Carlos Humberto Caszely He came to Levante, that at that time militated in Second Division, In the season 1973-1974 after triumphing in Colo-Colo. He played two World (1974 Y 1982) the first one being Levante player.

He defended the granota shirt for two seasons he scored 15 Y 26 respectively goals which helped him to make the leap to the First Division of the hand RCD Espanyol. He will always be remembered for his great performance in the stadium Vallecas where the Levante won a historic victory 0-4 being Caszely the author of four goals.

Carlos Caszely
Caszely with granota shirt (Photo: Levante UD)


Sobran presentations. Johan Cruyff It is considered by many the best player in the history of football. After a long history and great triumphs with Ajax Amsterdam, FC Barcelona and the Dutch national team reached the Levant in the twilight of his career back 1981.

Granota only wore the shirt a season and the truth is that his move was not unprofitable or sports or economically, but levantinistas can always say that 'El Flaco’ he played Levante. Specifically they were 10 the games he participated scoring two goals, both against Real Oviedo in a match that ended 2-2.

Johan Cruyff in Levante UD
Johan Cruyff in the stage in Levante (Photo: The Journal)


The last of the signings media history Levante I could not miss this list is Pedja Mijatovic. After succeeding with the shirt of Valencia, his first club in Spain, Montenegrin became the most expensive signing in history when Real Madrid paid its clause (some 1.500 million pesetas) and he took control of its services.

Real Madrid performance was not nearly that of their evenings as Valencia but has the honor of being the goalscorer in the Champions League final against Juventus in Amsterdam, which meant Seventh European Cup for the meringue set after 40 years. He joined the staff of Levante 2002-2003 which he made the fans dream with the ascent to First to the end, standing at the gates of it. Its beginning was promising, two goals in two days, but only after he could make another. He hung up his boots in Orriols with 21 parties and 3 goals.

Pedja Mijatovic
It Mijatovic's shirt Levante in a match against Eibar in which managed to score a goal (Photo: Brand)



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  1. Cruyff: “Great triumphs with Ajax, Barcelona and Dutch team”. And I say that with Barcelona he won a league in 5 seasons and with the Dutch team he won nothing, so all lie.

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