The best and most iconic football boot in history

The best and most iconic football boot in history
Puma Pele, one of the most iconic football boot in history (NSS Magazine)

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The football boots They have evolved a lot since the beginning of this sport today. Today it is common to see them in bright colors and much lighter than the most primitive. Today we will review some of the most legendary spoils of history.

As we say, at first football boots they were quite heavier, They were made of leather, covering the ankle foot well. Gradually they evolved and leather, for example, It was replaced by lighter synthetic materials in order to make life much simpler footballer. It looks like, the first football boot in history were created by the Dassler brothers back in 1925.

The best classic soccer boots


Best football boots
In World 1954 Adidas wanted to position itself in the market and managed to fit the German football team. But nevertheless, Puma took the lead shortly after taking control the biggest stars in the history of football. Without going further, Puma Pele shod in editing 1962 in which Brazil was champion. these boots, improved, They were also Johan Cruyff in 70 and Maradona in 80. Everything a pitch for signature.


Adidas World Cup
For many, the best football boots history also still in the market for lovers of retro. They were shod by champions World Cup 1974, Germany, and they became very popular. Its main feature was that Adidas kangaroo leather used for manufacturing and this the most flexible and light made other brands. In World 1982 most players used this model (


Kaiser 5
In Lalinea of ​​the Adidas World Cup, las Kaiser 5, a true preciousness that can also be adquiridad today (Free market)


Special Umbro
They appeared a couple of years before World Cup 1994 and they were a revolution. Umbro Speciali maintained the simplicity but introduced new features like the colors on the logo and tacos. Some big stars of 90 they were taken as Alan Shearer or Roberto Carlos (Futbolmanía)


Adidas Predator, mythical football boots
Again the firm Adidas launched a market the boots most legendary football history. The Predator model arrived late 90 and he was very present in the World 1998 that Zidane's France managed to win. Many of their players used them (Futbolemotion)


Best football boots
The Lotto brand was very much on the football noventero. His boots in bright colors became quite popular and great figures of this decade shod (Goalinn)


Munich football boots
In a list of the most legendary football boots could not miss the Munich. Its characteristic X became very visual and many of the best players in the legendary carried turning (Amazon)


Patrick Michael Laudrup
Patrick brand is another mythical that we could not forget the list. One of those who came into fashion was Michael Laudrup, of course, It not lacking quality to the Danish (


Kronos Stoichkov
Another legendary boot the 90. Kronos were utlizadas, among others, Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov by which featured its unique model that included his own firm (


Diadora football boots
Big, especially Italian footballers, They wore the Diadora. Roberto Baggio had its unique model and, as well, He was personalized with your dorsal 10 and signature Futbolemotion)


Nike football boots
It took arrive but Nike was very present since the late 90 and especially from the year 2000 to the present. This brand was always characterized by a very futuristic and modern aesthetics. There were many players that dressed, mainly Brazilians Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo Ronaldinho (football Emotion)

Of course the list could be endless in terms of both flag as models. We do not want to forget who made many other stories like Mizuno or even the Spanish level Kelme O scope with K and J respectively. further, the latter were the first to incorporate our football colors Morientes (rojas) O Alfonso (white) as exponents. We were always taste more classic in black.


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