The only ones ‘One Club Man’ of the history of Barcelona

The only ones ‘One Club Man’ of the history of Barcelona
Carles Rexach, one of the few One Club Man of FC Barcelona (Sport)

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The history of Barcelona It is full of great players. Cruyff, Maradona, Ronaldinho, Iniesta, Xavi… But nevertheless, Since its founding in 1899, only 9 Players have spent their entire professional careers at the Barça club. We review them.

The One Club Man in the history of Barcelona

Andreu Bosch

Andreu Bosch played for Barça between 1922 Y 1929. Although most of his appearances in the Catalan team were in friendly matches, also played a game in the Spanish Championship and in the Catalan Championship. He got three Cups and a league before retiring as a footballer.

Esteve Pedrol

Pedrol has been a midfielder and left winger for Barcelona since the year 1926 until the year 1941. He was part of the Blaugrana squad that managed to win the first edition of the Spanish League, his only title individually. He also played several games as an international.

Joaquim Brugué

Juice 9 seasons in can Barça between the years 1951 Y 1960. He was a great central defender due to his size and size. His career ended earlier than expected due to injury, at the age of 27 years. He played 196 games scoring 7 goals and managed to win 14 titles in 9 seasons he was able to complete, among them 4 leagues and 4 Copas.

Joan Segarra

Segarra was the captain of the "Barcelona of the Five Cups". He played a total of 16 seasons in the azulgrana set, since 1949 until the year 1965. He used to play as a midfielder thanks to his great class and ball handling. It was also international in Spain between 1951 Y 1962.

Sigfrid Gràcia

He played for Barcelona between seasons 1952-1953 Y 1966-1967. He was the starting left back in the vast majority of campaigns he was at the club. I participate in 525 matches with the Blaugrana team shirt and played in the World Cup in Chile 1962 with the Spanish team, with which he was international in 10 occasions. With Barça he won 3 suspenders, 3 Fair Cups and 4 Cups of Spain.

Martí Vergés

Vergés was in Barcelona between the years 1954 Y 1966, disputing a total of 12 seasons where I would achieve 2 suspenders, 3 Fair Cups and 3 Cups of Spain. He played 372 matches with Barça and, like Sigfrid Gràcia, disputed the World Cup in Chile with the Spanish team.

Ferran Olivella

Ferran Olivella, like the rest, developed his entire professional career at Barcelona, team in which he debuted in 1956 and in which he retired in 1969. Won 2 suspenders, 3 Holiday Cups, 4 Cups of the King and also, achieved the European Championship of 1964 with the Spanish team. A nivel individual, he was awarded the Monchín Triana award for his sportsmanship and fidelity to his colors.

Carles Rexach

Rexach is one of the greats of the history of Barcelona. He played in the first team during 17 seasons between the years 1965 Y 1982. In addition to these 17 years as a first team player, Charly Rexach had already been others 5 years in the club's quarry, and after retiring as a player, he was 22 more years in the Barcelona coaching staff. As a player he got, 1 league, 4 Copas del Rey, 1 Fairs Cup and 1 Cup Winners Cup, and individually he got the Pichichi award in the season 1970-1971 when dialing 17 goals. one of the greats One Club Man in Barcelona history.

Carles Puyol

Carles Puyol he is the last player, till the date, from this select list. He played 15 seasons in the Barça club first team between 1999 Y 2014. Among his many titles stand out, 6 suspenders, 2 Copas del Rey, 3 Champions and 2 Club World Cups, in addition to 2 European Super Cups and 2 Spanish super cups. He was international with the Spanish team in 100 occasions, achieving 1 Eurocup and 1 world, with a very important goal in the semifinals against Germany.

We will see who is the next footballer capable of inscribing his name in gold letters on the history of Barcelona. Leo Messi is one of the great candidates to enlarge this list. Of course, It would be great news for all Catalans fans.

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