Igor Lediakhov, the Russian magician of Sporting de Gijón

Igor Lediakhov, the Russian magician of Sporting de Gijón
Igor Lediakhov talks with a young Iturralde in the season 1996-97. PHOTO: Captura TVE

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Igor Lediakhov left his mark in Gijón. This Russian footballer, who wore the Sporting jersey in various stages and who commanded that ‘Sporting of the Russians‘ beside Nikiforov Y Cheryshev, it was also one of the components of that Sporting Gijon which was one of the worst team in league history. A long career as a sportinguista that as if it were a marriage, had very good moments and many others quite bad.

Igor Lediakhov, the Tsar of Gijón

With an outstanding career in Russia where at the beginning of the years 90 he was one of the best players in his country, Lediakhov, it came almost by surprise in the summer of 1994 to Gijón. his signing, was endorsed by great performances in the Spartak Moscow where he had won different titles and his participation with the Russian team in the European Championship 1992 and the World USA 1994. His endorsement was more than good to reinforce the ranks of the Asturian team.

Not in vain did he stay in Gijón until 2003 in two different stages between 1994 Y 1998 and between 1999 Y 2003 mediating an assignment to the Yokohama wing japanese in season 98-99. Total, in their 8 seasons as a sportinguista he played 209 official matches and scored 41 goals.

Bad output from Sporting in 2003

His stage in Gijón, where he developed most of his career was not at all idyllic. In 2003, with 35 years, He left Sporting for Eibar to play in Second. Igor Lediakhov did not triumph in a place like Ipurua in a team and a stadium far from the one that is known, which together with his already veteran, caused his season to be nothing to write home about. But this is not the most remembered of that, but his ugly departure from the red and white box.

Sporting removed Lediakhov in 2002 since I did not have the Russian. Thus, The footballer sued the club and availed himself of this clause to leave the Gijón discipline after 8 years and go to Eibar who did not have to pay a single euro for his transfer. further, Sporting had to pay him some 500.000 euros leaving a bittersweet taste in the stage of what was one of its most iconic players especially in the middle of the years 90.

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