Marius Lacatus, the twisted fang striker

Marius Lacatus, the twisted fang striker

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Not every day a European champion is signed. That's what the azulones fans must have thought when it was announced, during the summer of 1991, The incorporation of Marius Lacatus to Real Oviedo, exact moment in which the Romanian became an idol of the fans.

It came from nothing more and nothing less than Fiorentina in a time when the Football brought together a large part of the football stars. Having raised the Orejona with Steaua Bucharest after becoming the first scorer on a penalty shootout in the competition's history, it had been merit enough to enter the Italian soccer Olympian. However there he did not triumph: 3 goals in 23 matches.

In this way he landed in Asturias preceded by his great reputation as a successful forward and lumberjack of that season. Born in the region of Transylvania, seemed to have been steeped in the black legend of Count Dracula. Surely for Paco Jemez, of proven gallantry, the good Lacatus he lowered a mere amateur into vileness, to his compatriot with sharp fangs: “I had a friendship with Carlos Muñoz and he told me: «Paco, be careful with the Romanian who is more of a son of a bitch than the mother who gave birth to him »”. Although he was called to be the figure of one of the best Real Oviedo history, In terms of football, he did not give everything that was expected of him and his career from Carbayona was blurred after an absurd expulsion that precipitated the elimination of the team at the first exchange rate., in the only European participation in its history.

Marius of Transylvania by Mr Pentland | REAL OVIEDO CULTURE FANS
Lacatus' performance in the Spanish League was not as expected (Don Balon)

Always surrounded by controversy for his toughness on the field and for his off-color statements, like when he claimed that after every meal he smoked a cigarette "But always light" He excused himself- or when he justified his irregularity during training by indicating that there were days when he did not feel like exercising; Marius Lacatus finished rising to mythical footballer of the Real Oviedo celebrating with unusual vehemence the elimination of Sporting Gijon in the UEFA Cup in Bucharest. On leave in his homeland, Lacatus went to the stadium to witness the match, finished he jumped on the grass to hug his compatriots from Steaua one by one. His effusiveness so moved the Oviedists that they forgave by the very fact all sins.

His adventure in the Spanish League lasted two seasons, both in the Asturian team, with a balance of 11 goals in 61 official matches played.

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