Why Fiorentina t-shirt is colored 'viola'?

Why Fiorentina t-shirt is colored 'viola'?
Initial training of Fiorentina in the years 90 with big stars like Batistuta and Rui Costa (Twitter: @90sfootball)

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t-shirts, as the greatest identification symbol of a club, They are almost sacred to their fans, even though the merchandising put your hands on them and convert historical designs in something reserved for lovers of traditional. T-shirt Fiorentina is no exception. Today we will discuss the curious origin of color 'viola'.

In the early years of equipment life, the Athletic Club one he Atletico Madrid They went to look at the blue and white shirts because rojiblancas Juan Elorduy he not found on a visit to England, with the purpose of bringing the fifty used by both teams (Those of the Blackburn Rovers) and he ended up buying a rojiblancas of Southampton, at the port of this city shortly before boarding back to Bilbao. Rojiblancas better to return without them, he must have thought. Thus, both clubs, They went to dress in red and white 1910.

But in the case of T-shirt Fiorentina chance and poor quality dye garments were decisive for the club to use the colors that are as traditional today. THE, at least, that counts the unofficial team history of Tuscany. In football it does not happen as traditionally done in rugby, where the team captain handed, in a sort of ritual, T-shirts to each player before each game, in the same locker room, and the players themselves were obliged to return them washed away by themselves, in the same or better condition from which they had been given.

The first shirt of Fiorentina was rojiblanca

No, since its inception, football had utilleros, The "inflators"As they were called in some parts of South America, for his work for inflating balls (not understand this in a pejorative sense) for training and matches. In the case of Fiore, its founding uniform 1926 It was rojiblanco, first half red and half white (the colors of the shield of the city and were coincident, also, with the colors of the first two football clubs have taken place in Florence, one dressed in red and one white, and as a result of merging the predecessor of the current Fiore arose, wearing red and white).

Soon they changed the zamarra chapped traditional red and white striped T-shirt (as of said Athletic Club O Atletico Madrid of nowadays), to find it easier to get this model. In 1929 the flower, as almost all clubs, He had a utillero, of which little more than his name is known, Luigi, and it was the wife of which, at the end of games, He was responsible to leave clothes spotless players, and did it in a public washroom located along the Arno river.

Various sources, and it is agreed upon by the hobby Fiore, becoming part of the informal club history, the poor quality of the shirts made that year acquired, to wash them, the red destiñera, losing its tone and occupying the White, being the same of a violet-pinkish, with the following washings was increasingly uniting, to become a violet shirts.

A) Yes, and the absence of another set of spring, they presented themselves, with t-shirts you faded to dispute 22 September 1929 a match against Roma, in the stadium Via Bellini, which he ended with victory for the capital 3 a 1. At the end of the season, identification with color "viola" was absolute and, also, they became a club with a unique uniform and highly original, than any other Italian club dressed. And so they continued using it until today, Fiore being the team "viola" par excellence European football.

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