UEFA Cup 93/94: Karlsruhe 7 Valencia 0

UEFA Cup 93/94: Karlsruhe 7 Valencia 0
Night Karlsruhe, one of the worst nightmares in the history of Valencia. Photo: FansClub Baviera's Red Giant

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Was a 2 November 1993, a damn date for the Valencia box, afternoon in which the Valencia He suffered nightmares worst in its history, especially playing in Europe. That day was the end result Karlsruhe 7 Valencia 0. They were 90, It was another football but that stung while the veterans who tread Stadium Mestalla surely still remember.


It was a Valencia much more modest than that recalls the beginning of this century XXI. Guus Hiddink, who then have a prolific career, He was the coach and Arturo Tuzón President. It was the first year of Pedja Mitjatovic, who later would become one of the best in the world in his position, but that afternoon was only a promising young player who had a few months valencianista.

The Valencian team was an advantage comfortable first leg which was won by 3-1 in Mestalla, by then called Luis Casanova, so a match was presumed processed for the Hiddink already they are seen in the next round of the UEFA old. In that Karlsruhe, by the way, they played Kiriakov Y Oliver Khan. That night everything went wrong.

A Belgian named Edgar Schmitt, who had become a professional player to 28 years and had survived a dramatic car accident, He lived his night of glory opening the scoring and scoring five minutes after the second goal overturning the tie in favor of the Germans.

Before finishing the first part, the Valencia He would fit a third goal they became very complicated classification. And if that was not enough, just outside the dressing rooms and the referee whistle the start of the second half, Valencia CF fit the 4-0, a slab and difficult to lift. It was the beginning of a historical debacle which ended up falling 3 more goals to close a Karlsruhe 7 Valencia 0 sonrojante eyes of Europe.

The starting eleven that went down in history, to his disgrace, by the Valencian group was formed by: Sempere, Pep Serer, Belodedici, Paco Camarasa, Giner, Quique Sanchez Flores, Thomas, Fernando, Álvaro Cervera, Mijatovic Y Pizzi. Pepe Gálvez Y Eloy Olaya they also had a few minutes that fateful day.

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