World 1978: The day that France dressed verdiblanco

World 1978: The day that France dressed verdiblanco
France dressed in verdiblanco against Hungary at the World Cup in Argentina 1978 (Goldevestuario)

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Today we recover a story that would be virtually impossible today. In the era of marketing and billionaires contract with sports brands and broadcasters who run the football world it would be unthinkable for something to happen like what happened in the World 1978 held in Argentina, specific, in the party that faced France already Hungary.

Both teams had to face in Mar del Plata and for error FIFA They attended with alternative uniform white. Blue Shirt France and red Hungary I could be mistaken at the time on television in black and white and therefore the maximum establishment of world football forced to clothe their second equipaciones without realizing that the two were white.

Faced with this problem the referee spoke with managers of French and Hungarian materials but none had another shirt because they were focused on Buenos Aires and that is where they had the rest of sports equipment.

FRANCE DE verdiblanco

It was then a manager of modest Kimberley, Argentine club, verdiblancas offered the jackets of his team to play with them French. No more qualms about the offer was accepted and after 45 minutes the game, which he was scheduled for 13:45 local time would begin at 14:30.

It was the French who jumped onto the pitch with their usual pants and trousers but with a verdiblanca shirt the style Real Betis not combined well but that caused a furor on the map putting that little team named Kimberley who became famous worldwide by sheer luck.

The meeting ended with French victory 3-1 although the result was not greater importance as both teams were already eliminated and had no chance of qualifying for the next phase of this World 1978 which ended up winning the Argentina led by Mario Kempes.

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  1. Nice anecdote. But actually the team that lent their green and white jerseys to the French is called Banfield and not Kimberley.

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