Ricky George and the biggest upset in the history of the FA Cup

Ricky George and the biggest upset in the history of the FA Cup
Ronnie Radford and Ricky George celebrated the victory of the Hereford against Newcastle in the FA Cup (Chronicle Live)

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Football player Ricky George, what in 1972 He scored the legendary helped the modest Hereford eliminated to the millionaire Newcastle FA Cup English, He worked as a sales representative house Adidas. At that time most elite of English players used the German mark and the quality of the brand, the other players wore different more modest craft firms or directly used boots, tailored.

They all had a common feature: They were completely black, as marking the canons of the time football. Conversely, Adidas had incorporated the famous white with three stripes. Boots bought them, then those, the clubs themselves or the same players, depending on the taste and tradition of both, but he never paid a mark for use, with the exception of the German house Hummel who signed a contract with international midfielder Everton, Alan Ball, what in 1970, also, He jumped into the field with a white.

Ricky George It was a powerful right inside emerged from the quarry of the Tottenham Hotspur. Despite its promising future had managed not to jump into the first level, roaming teams second row up to sign for Hereford United, team the fifth level of English football. In the season 1971-72 It came the biggest success of his career. Fate made to the modest club will play at the cupbearer an entire trophy Newcastle United, set to which effectively eliminated after defeat them by 2 a 1, with goals from Ronnie Radford Ricky himself and George.

The victory of the modest club of fame covered footballer (the team fell into the next round at the hands of West Ham) and Adidas relaunched his professional relationship with the amateur midfielder, making him, in that same 1972, public relations company and entrusting the major English players will use their brand boots in some televised games, including all the players in the England team in those meetings played at home. Each player charged 75 pounds per game.

George He willingly accepted his new task entailed dealing with larger figures and the honor of accessing your wardrobe England. There, those are players of the national team that, for many reasons, They preferred not to use the German boots and chose shoes usually worn (completely black) painted them white three characteristic lines Adidas, to give the trick before television cameras.

With these seventy-five lbs it all started to reach commercial explosion merchandising living football today. About Ricky George, Adidas with the push of media coverage and man became a well-known business. He played various "sticks", from the world of horses and betting, to broker and real estate agent. The latter, She led him to the prison in August 2018 (along with his son Adam) with a two-year sentence for the fraudulent sale of a house, by the George next to a relative of the owner, but without authorization or knowledge of this.

Even so, for fans of the extinct Hereford United his name will always be linked to the memory of his goal, the most important moment in the long history of a club founded in 1924 he disappeared, mired in debt, in the year 2014. yes, to remember always remain his historic feat, possibly, the biggest surprise of history FA Cup.


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