Who beat Atletico at the Bernabeu, He played the Cup final and… He descended to Second Division

Who beat Atletico at the Bernabeu, He played the Cup final and… He descended to Second Division
Athletic players celebrate one of the 3 goals that gave them victory at the Santiago Bernabeu this season (ABC)

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Almost all great teams have a bad season and end up descending to Second Division. In Spain only Real Madrid, Barcelona Y Athletic Club de Bilbao They have been able to maintain the category and one has needed “miracles” to get it.

But nevertheless, other greats like Atletico Madrid O Valencia They have succumbed on occasion. Particularly striking is the case of the mattress set in the season 1999-2000 he assembled a staff of true luxury with the aim of being up in the rankings without giving up absolutely nothing. Molina, Valerón, Deck of cards, Hasselbaink, Solari, Kiko and many formed a formidable team a priori. Nothing is further from reality because that team descended to Second Division.

Atletico descended to Second Division
One of the formations that team. Top from left to right: Molina, Valerón, Kiko, Bejbl, Gamarra, Capdevila. Below from left to right: Hugo Leal, Santi, Hasselbaink, Aguilera and Solari.

That campaign was most unusual for the red and white fans. Claudio Ranieri He was the coach, after passage through the brilliant Valencia, but things did not work but the feeling was that this template would end sooner or later reacting. In fact, in the day 10 the Athletic He achieved a great victory 1-3 against him Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu. But it was a mirage.

further, Atletico advancing both rounds UEFA Cup as in the Copa del Rey. European competition in the knockout stages were reached (It fell against Lens) and was there when it was decided that Ranieri should not continue at the helm. UEFA eliminated and falling League, He played avoid relegation to the Second Division and outside and try to save the season by winning the Copa del Rey.

Atleti FALLS Second Division

Neither one thing nor the other. He reached the bench an idol of the fans as Radomir Antic but he could not get the ship afloat and a tragic decline Consumption Carlos Tartiere of Oviedo. The Serbian coach was dismissed and Zambrano took over the team with the sole purpose of trying to be champion cup and immediately climb next season.

Atletico drop
Kiko day that Atletico dropped to second in Oviedo (Brand)

That end of Mestalla between Atletico and Espanyol He made history by “Tamudo's goal” that he stole the ball from the hands of Toni. Parakeets seized trophy and rojiblancos had to spend a hell añito the end were two.


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