The soccer jerseys with the most memorable designs of the 90

The soccer jerseys with the most memorable designs of the 90
What are the most memorable t-shirts of the 90?

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True soccer fans don't just get excited about a good game, they also know how to appreciate the beauty and originality of a well-designed sports kit. In fact, it is common to see fans of this sport who collect jerseys from different teams and not just their favorite

For some, Searching for and buying rare models is as exciting as cheering for your team or making sports bets.. With both activities you get an extra thrill and stay entertained when there is no game. Anyone interested in betting on the next league match, may find the best odds for football matches at In the following list they are named 4 of the designs that Spanish fans like the most.

Deportivo La Coruna (seasons 92-93 a 96-97)

This design coincides with one of the golden stages of the Galician club. During these years, the team established itself in the first division and was a tough nut to crack for Barça and Real Madrid. It was the time of what is known as "Super Dépor".

The shirt features the classic blue vertical stripes on a white background. Although it presents the novelty of showing them with a T-shaped design, instead of being vertical from top to bottom. The sponsor Feiraco in green is also a distinctive element that identifies this design..

Germany selection (world of 1990)

Along the history, the kit of the German team has undergone few changes. They have stayed true to the white t-shirt with black pants, changing only small details. A fan favorite is the one used between 1988 and the 91. With her they were proclaimed champions in the Italy World Cup 1990.

Design features horizontal black stripes on shoulders. And stripes at different heights on sleeves and chest, representing the country's flag.

Parma F. C. (season 98-99)

Any soccer fan has a yellow jersey on their favorites list. And many agree that the one used by Parma in the season 98-99 It is one of the most beautiful designs.

The torso has five horizontal blue lines, with white tones that create a very particular effect. The neck is almost entirely blue, with small yellow stripes. And on the sleeves a list is placed that follows the pattern of those on the body.


A. C. Milan (98-00)

The Milan jersey has always been characterized by using vertical black and red lines. The model used between 1998 and the 2000 altered their thickness, leaving the design in two black lists on a red background and also black sides.

In the middle, and blank, the Opel logo and name were placed, the team sponsor at the time. Team colors are maintained, is faithful to previous designs, but it is cleaner and more elegant.


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