USA '94 World: The own goal which led to the murder of Andres Escobar

USA '94 World: The own goal which led to the murder of Andres Escobar
Andrés Escobar's own goal in the United States World Cup in 1994 that cost him his life (Photo: The world)

In FUTBOLRETRO we like to remember stories of football yesterday preferably cheerful and fun. Obviously, is not the case today that narrate, occurred in the summer of 1994 and that was the murder of Andres Escobar.

That World 1994 played in United States It was fronted by selecting Colombia with great enthusiasm. Not in vain, the combined run Pacho Maturana, He had a great team and went to pass over to Argentina to which he defeated in qualifying by a convincing 5-0. Colombians had a staff level figures Oscar Córdoba, Faustino Asprilla, Freddy Rincon, Carlos Valderrama Victor Hugo Aristizabal or.

further, that team highlighted in a young defender who had made a starting, Andres Escobar. The fullback National Athletic I was about to make the leap to Europe to join the ranks of a giant like AC Milán but, Unfortunately, He could never do.

Colombia was one of the selections calls to go far in the World Championship. But nevertheless, their participation could not be more disappointing. Integrated in Group A alongside the host U.S, Romania and Switzerland, Colombians were defeated in the first two meetings which led to their elimination. Precisely, after losing 3-1 against the Romanians in the first meeting, Maturana coach he received a call with death threats. The pressure was enormous.


In the second game, in which Colombia He lost by 2-1 against U.S, Andres Escobar He had the misfortune to introduce the ball into his own net. Colombian narcos lost large sums of money due to gambling 'fault’ of that goal and, like is logic, They are not well taken defeat. 'The Knight of football’ was known as the center was the great pointed.

Deleted World, the vast majority of Colombian footballers decided to stay on vacation in the United States since the climate of tension and crime was not ideal in your country. But nevertheless, Andres Escobar yes he returned to Medellin to enjoy your family and friends before traveling to Milan to sign for the Italian team and continue his career in European football.

Unfortunately, night 2 July 1994 would the fatal outcome. Some types berated him at a nightclub with phrases like: “Nice goal that you marked in the World”. The discussion was growing in the parking place where the footballer's friends advised him to go home. He decided to ask for respect for the brothers Gallón (they were those who were berating the Colombian defender). It was then that Humberto Muñoz Castro, brothers escort, He exited his vehicle and fired up 6 times against Escobar.

Killing Andres Escobar He shocked the world of football and all Colombia. His alleged murderer was sentenced to 43 years imprisonment of which only fulfilled 11 for good behavior. The brothers Gallón only a few months of house arrest and a ridiculous fine of about 600 euros to change. Thus, Knight Football It became legend and icon of a country that was mired in violence and drug trafficking.

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