Older players in World Cup history

Older players in World Cup history
Dino Zoff con la Copa del Mundo ganada en España '82 (Photo: Pinterest)

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For many players pass the barrier 40 years as active players is complicated. However there are cases that have been able to prolong their careers on the lawn beyond that age, and they have even come to compete in the World Cup of soccer exceeding forty. go over the oldest players in World Cup history.


Mondragon Colombia
Faryd Mondragón, Colombia goalkeeper (Photo: Getty Images)

The longevity record in the World Cup is held by the Colombian goalkeeper Faryd Mondragón, that he 24 June 2014 went out to the field with 43 years and 3 days. An anniversary gift (with a little delay) for the only one who has played in the competition 43. Mondragón replaced Ospina in the minute 85 from that group stage match in Brazil against Japan, that ended with a Colombian triumph for 4-1. Sixteen years before, in France 1998, Faryd had started all three group stage games; and had come to play a game of the Barcelona Olympic Games 1992.


Roger Milla and Oleg Salenko
Roger Milla with Oleg Salenko at the USA ’94 World Cup (Photo: Eurosport)

Roger Milla had since 28 June 1994 the World Cup longevity brand with 42 years, 1 month and 8 days. That day he jumped onto the field when half the part had elapsed and immediately after he entered he scored the only goal for Cameroon in defeat against Russia by 1-6; in the game where Salenko got five goals. Four days before, already breaking the record on the same stage, in the American city of San Francisco, Milla had played against Brazil. The match also ended with the defeat of the Cameroonian team (3-0). The forward ended up adding 9 World Cup matches, also counting those who played in the two previous editions, with a total of 5 goals scored. The only one from the club 40 that is not a goalkeeper.


Older players
Pat Jennings defending the colors of Northern Ireland (Photo: Tottenham)

With Jennings the data comes with a birthday cake. Pat Jennings is a benchmark for football North Ireland. Goalkeeper with extensive experience in the Premier League (in Tottenham and Arsenal above all), is the player who has worn the shirt of his national team the most times (119) and it was key for two consecutive World Cups that played, Spain ’82 and Mexico ’86, placing him seven games under sticks. In the American event, he became the oldest player to ever play in the World Cup., the 12 June in Guadalajara and with the powerful Brazil against which they lost by 0 a 3. That day the goalkeeper fulfilled 41 years.


Older players
Peter Shilton with the England team (Photo: Fifa.com)

Peter Shilton, the player more times caps with England (125), came to play in the World Cup with 40 years, 9 months and 19 days, in a match in which third place of the World Cup in Italy was decided 1990. The 7 July in Bari the English team lost against the Italian hosts by 1 a 2, and with the last local goal scored in the minute 86 penalty. Shilton He has played 17 World Cup matches, spread over three editions, but surely the most remembered duel was the quarterfinal in Mexico 1986, that they lost against Argentina and in which Maradona I note the goals known as ‘The Hand of God’ and ‘The Goal of the Century’.


Older players
Dino Zoff with the World Cup achieved in Spain ’82 (Photo: Pinterest)

A myth under the sticks, the Italian Dino Zoff you will always remember your last World Cup match with 40 years, 4 months and 13 days, because that afternoon at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu I lift the World Cup trophy. Was the 11 June 1982 and in the duel for the championship Italy surpassed West Germany by 3-1. The captain of the Azzurra squad left football a year later with a record that also includes a European Championship, played at home on 1968, Y 112 internacionalidades. In the World Cups he played 17 matches.


But Boumniell
But Boumniell, another who played a World Cup with more than 40 year old (Photo: TV5)

But Boumniell Complete the list of players who know what it is like to compete in the World Cup, having blown at least forty candles. The Tunisian goalkeeper I had 40 years, 2 months and 10 days when the 13 June 2006 in Berlin he set out to protect the goal in Tunisia's last game in the group stage of the World Cup in Germany. The North African team lost to Ukraine with a lone penalty goal by Shevchenko. Boumnijel has played six World Cup matches, who has played most of his career in France and who with his national team was 51 caps.

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