Oscar Ruggeri, the “Mr. Logroñés” and atmosphere of Las Gaunas

Oscar Ruggeri, the “Mr. Logroñés” and atmosphere of Las Gaunas
Ruggeri in the ancient stadium of Las Gaunas (The graphic)

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Oscar Alfredo Ruggeri It is one of those great players who passed through the ranks of a humble team and intimate as CD Logrones. defender, world champion with Argentina in Mexico '86, stood out in the ranks of the two football giants of his country as they are Boca Juniors and River Plate before making the leap to European football to sign for the whole Las Gaunas.

Precisely in one of his interventions in the program ’90 minutes’ in which he has been a commentator for many years, Oscar Ruggeri He told a few anecdotes referring to his move and first impressions to know the club riojano.

“At first I did not know the name of the team that wanted me to sign. I met with the president and I thought his name was Logroñés so I called him on a couple of occasions Mr. Logroñés, then I knew that that was not his name but the name of the club where he was going to play”. The president at that time was none other than Marcos Eguizábal.

Oscar Ruggeri, el Logroñés y Las Gaunas

But the thing is not there. Central Argentina, as we stated above, I was used to a hellish environments. Not in vain, had worn the jersey of the two most powerful teams in Buenos Aires and he had participated in several classics in their country. The contrast, as explained, when it debuted in Las Gaunas It was brutal: “He came to play in stadiums 80.000 enfervorecidos fans in terrible environments and suddenly find myself on a court 14.000 singing aúpa, aúpa, Logroñés, that that shoots shoots shoots!”

The experience of Ruggeri at CD Logrones it was brief but very positive. He played as the undisputed starter the season 1988-1989, with optimal performance, which helped him to sign for Real Madrid with whom he won the league title next season.

Oscar Ruggeri
Oscar Ruggeri in his time at Real Madrid (Sports world)

Fifth players of the Vulture were like babes sucking”

Precisely from his time as a player merengue defense also brought many differences from what he had lived in Argentina: “Real Madrid had a barbarian team. Butragueño, Míchel, Martin Vazquez, Hugo Sanchez… Fifth all were like babes sucking. Note that in concentrations hotels 10 stars in the room heard the noise of computers. The kids are the spent studying to become managers and stuff!. Concentrations in the spent pulling Argentina rockets and water”.



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