Angel Pérez García, one of the members of Real Madrid 'Los Garcia’

Angel Pérez García, one of the members of Real Madrid 'Los Garcia’
Formación del Real Madrid de 'Los García' con Pérez García el primero empezando por la izquierda en la fila de abajo (Cihefe)

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A 19 October 2019, justo el día que cumplía 62 years, He died coach and former player Angel Pérez García, the famous side Madrid de los García’. Pérez García, as he was known footballing, He started playing football in his Madrid team school, Francisco Franco, and at fifteen he was signed to play as a left winger, its starting position for the first youth team Real Madrid.

There, He moved his end position to the left-back, the injured Garcia Cuts, usual in that position and also reach the first team Merengues. But Pérez García He will be remembered for making the so-called "perfect marking", for many along with the Gentile a Maradona, the then European Footballer, Kevin Keegan.

El marcaje de Pérez García a Kevin Keegan

It happened in the semifinals of the European Cup club (today, Champions League) it's from the season 1979-80. Al Real Madrid it accounted for Hamburg in the penultimate step to reach a final that would be played in the Bernabéu. The German team stood on all players, English Kevin Keegan, winner Golden Ball as best European player the last two years, 1978 Y 1979, and he got the title Bundesliga for him Hamburg after nineteen years of drought (his last league season dating 1959-60).

Real coach, Vujadin Boskov, He surprised everyone pulling in the starting lineup to two left-handed side, Camacho Y Pérez García, entrusting the young squad labeling of the figure of Teutonic team, Keegan, He is playing as a right winger. And there, a Wednesday, 4 May 1980, in a televised meeting to sixteen countries, of course including Spain, Madrid side came blonde, looking more like a German Spanish.

A young squad with little experience, although he had already played a few league games and Champions League, meeting at a high level, but on that night it was his turn to dance with the ugliest: “Mighty Mouse” ("Mighty Mouse") Keegan, the best player of the moment. Y Boskov He succeeded with his plan. Pérez García He pursued at all times English end, what, desperate, He looked like the blond side led him how many balls you came.

English, even changed band, but there again had the young defender making, literally, life impossible. He turned back to his natural position on the right, Y Pérez García did the same, chasing and robbing every ball that came to him. Keegan tried it a thousand ways, But his marker, or it is anticipated that the ball reached him, either he stole it when the British tried to haggle.

The lateral blond to luxury haggling English on more than one occasion allowed and, Of course, always he came, on each ball stolen, the ball well played. The match ended with Madrid victory 2 a 0, with doublet Santillana. Immeasurable, German sports press said, unanimously, the Madrid side as a young man of the match.

The return was a completely different singing, the Germans overran the meringues and drove around the tie with a resounding 5 a 1. In the end, held at the Bernabéu, they met for both Hamburg against the champion of the previous edition, the Nottingham Forest. Miracle team Brian Clough, Controversial coach in English, who took the team into the second category, She promoted him and made him champion of Europe.

The Forest was crowned again as the best European team at the Madrid stadium, beating the Germans 1 a 0, with goal Robertson, and becoming the only club on the continent that has more Champions, of, which links, a, in his power.

Pérez García jugó después en Murcia y Elche

Angel Pérez García He played three seasons in the first team Real Madrid, alternating both sides, but almost always in the shadow of Camacho, southpaw title defense. He played with meringues 15 league matches, 4 Copa del Rey, 5 European Cup and 1 of UEFA Cup. He won a League and two Spanish Cups. The Real Madrid he gave two seasons, one at Real Murcia and another to Elche, where he became preselected for absolute, without being able to debut.

Yes was twice international sub 21 madridista in his era and became, definitely, one of the best left-handed Spanish side of the moment. Signed by the Real Murcia, She became one of his figures and reference players, both First and Second Division. With pimentonera shirt over disputed 200 meetings. A large lateral, a nice guy, I was lucky to meet minimally and live a little anecdote which confirms that it was not only excellent lateral, but a simple and great person at a time.

For history there are many good memories in every club in which militated, but, especially, you will spend your perfect marking to Kevin Keegan, The dangerous "Mighty Mouse", that the Madrid blonde one afternoon of May merendó in the eyes of half of Europe.

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