Denmark, Guest champion of Europe

Denmark, Guest champion of Europe
Denmark celebrated with jubilation won in Euro 1992 (Photo:

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In tennis jargon it is known as "lucky looser’ to that player who has been eliminated in the previous phase of a tournament and ends up accessing the final draw due to the resignation or injury of another participant who has managed to qualify. Something similar happened with the selection of Denmark in summer 1992 when Yugoslavia, he had managed to qualify, He did not attend the Euro which that year was played in Sweden, because of the war that existed in the Balkans.

Thus, Danish players were called up by coach Richard Moller Nielsen. Some of them thought it was a joke like the doorman Peter Schmeichel. Others, as Brian Laudrup, They were already on vacation at the beach having a few beers. In any case, all answered the call and presented in Sweden with the intention of doing the ridiculous little or rather no preparation that went to the neighboring country.

Denmark 1992
Schemeichel, Brian Laudrup, Larsen, Jensen, Vilfort… members of the Danish national team that made history (Getty Images)


And if that was not enough, Sweden Y Denmark They were framed in Group A along with England Y France. The last two were the favorites to take first and second place and qualify for the semifinals. Group B, Holland Y Germany, applying the logic, they had to stay ahead of Scotland and the CEI. Not in vain, the Dutch were the reigning European champions and world champions Germany. Almost nothing.

The forecasts were fulfilled in Group B and the Netherlands of Gullit, Van Basten, moneybags and company took first place. Meanwhile, Germany, with enough suffering, got second place and both expected rivals in the semifinals.

But the big surprises waiting in Group A. The last day yielded a France-Denmark and a England-Sweden. The winners of both matches would be classified and losers would pack. For the Danes could return to the beach where they were a few days ago. Swedish, we had a great team as they again demonstrated the World USA'94 two years later, They were able to beat England with the support of their fans, but the big surprise was yet to come.


Denmark I had high hopes of defeating France, which had a formidable team and had prepared thoroughly tournament. Larsen Y Elstrup They were the authors of the Danish goals while Papin He scored for French. Stops Schmeichel and quality of Brian Laudrup (brother away by disagreements with coach Michael) carried on wings Danish.

The team had more than fulfilled and the parties continued to raise the same way. Danish women players went to the hotel 'concentration’ and snack and refreshments with their husbands were taken without any problems. As stated several players, the best way to deal with the parties was depressurized and enjoying on the pitch.

Thus the Danes returned to work another miracle. In semifinals they tied it two against one of the favorites as it was Holland. Again in overtime Schmeichel He managed to stop his opponent and the penalties luck smiled at the ashen when Van Basten the only player to miss its launch. Denmark was in the final. Crazy.

Denmark champion
Danes celebrated in style a milestone (Photo: Dream Team)

But I tell her tale full out now played even harder. Germany He had suffered what is not written to remove a large Sweden and he sought to complete its hegemony in world football making the European Championship after winning the World Cup two years earlier. Against all odds, Denmark It prevailed from beginning to end the German team with goals from Jensen Y Vilfort and was proclaimed champion of Europe for the first time in its history, possibly the time I least expected it.

This feat by the Danish team is one of the most famous in football history. In fact, there are several documentaries and films about her. It is demonstrated that, in football, there is nothing impossible.

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