10 big stars who played on teams that maybe do not remember

10 big stars who played on teams that maybe do not remember
Johan Cruyff on his debut in a Levante-Palencia Second Division (Photo: Sport)

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We all tend to relate to some players with a computer. But nevertheless, There are great players whose stay in some clubs could go unnoticed for many fans.

Here is the list of 10 big stars who played on teams that maybe do not remember


Di Stefano Espanyol
A legend of Real Madrid como Alfredo Di Stefano, He also played for Espanyol. There he met, no more no less, with Ladislao Kubala (Photo: As.com)


big stars who played ...
One of the best players ever as Johan Cruyff, Levante played in the second division in 1981 (Photo: Sport)

Mario Kempes (HERCULES)

big stars
Mario Kempes, world champion with Argentina in 1978, posing with elastic Hercules (Photo: Rtve.es)

Jorge Valdano (ALAVÉS)

Jorge Valdano Alaves
Jorge Valdano, another world champion with Argentina, He wore the zamarra Alaves in its beginnings as a professional player (Photo: Twitter @Backeihan)


big stars
The mythical Hugo Sanchez made goals in three clubs in Madrid: Real Madrid, Atletico and Rayo Vallecano. (Photo: as.com)


Samuel Eto´o
Samuel Eto´o, crack of Barca or Inter among others, He was on loan from Real Madrid in CD Leganés Second Division in his first year in Spain (Photo: as.com)

Mijatović (LEVANTE UD)

Pedja Mijatovic
Pedja Mijatovic, the hero of the seventh European Cup for Real Madrid, It was one of the media signings in the history of Levante. He hung up his boots in the whole season granota 2002-2003 (Photo: marca.com)


Before highlighting in Rome and Milan and become one of the biggest stars of world football, Cafu wore the shirt of Real Zaragoza in the season 93-94 (Photo: vavel.com)

Mazinho (ELCHE CF)

Mazinho, a whole world champion with Brazil in USA '94, He played for Elche CF in the season 2000-2001 (Photo: 90me)


Ruggeri Logroñés
Ruggeri and Alzamendi at the legendary stadium Las Gaunas when defending the shirt of CD Logroñés season 1988-1989 (Photo: The graphic)





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