Historic teams that miss in First Division

Historic teams that miss in First Division
Alba and Berto, captains Racing Santander and Real Oviedo respetivamente, two classic teams in First Division 90 (Photo: Twitter Olympia)

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A mid 90 football changed in a radical way. El ‘boom’ of millions from television and especially the Bosman Law They made the bubble began to inflate soccer. Since then there have been many historical teams in Spanish football occupying the top positions in the historical classification of the league were gradually falling and still have not recovered the site, by history and hobby, surely they deserve. We recall some of them.


The Cantabrian club has played neither more nor less than 44 seasons in the First Division and is ranked 14th in the historical classification of Liga. It is one of those historical teams whose absence in the elite of Spanish soccer more note. Not in vain, is one of the 10 founders of the League in season 1928-1929. It was a classic in the 90 Y 2000 but since its decline in year 2012 He is going through its worst. We hope to see you back soon.

Historic equipment
Training Racing season 1993-1994. Top from left to right: Ceballos, Pablo Alfaro, Merino, Quique Setién, Radchenko, Zigmantovich. Below from left to right: Roncal, Popov, Torrecilla, Gelucho and Geli (Olympia on Twitter)


Another historical equipment which case makes it clear that a bad economic and sports management sends you to a well which is very difficult to leave. The set carbayón He has played 38 seasons in the First Division and is ranked 17th in the historical classification. Who knew football in years 90 We could not imagine a league without the Asturian team. In fact, he remained 13 consecutive seasons, including the entire decade of the 90. But nevertheless, from its descent into the season 2000-2001 He has not returned. And if that was not enough, the serious economic problems made him go down to the Third Division. Gradually it seems that recovers your site.

Real Oviedo 92-93
Real Oviedo season 1992-1993. Top from left to right: year, Jerkan, Gorriarán, Cristobal, Vinyals, Rivas. Below from left to right: Armando, Gracan, Berto, Lacatus and Carlos (alineacionesinternacional)


Surely one of the most striking cases is that of Real Zaragoza. The whole hand is one of the biggest teams in Spain by history and titles both nationally (6 Cups and 1 Supercopa) European level as (1 Recopa Y 1 Fairs Cup). 58 seasons in the First Division that make him the 9th team in qualifying. Definitely, a clear example of disastrous management both economic and sporting level. Since its decline in 2013 we have not seen in the top flight and has even flirted with relegation to Second Division B.

Belsué, Solana, Aragon and Poyet, among others, celebrate the historic Recopa (Photo: Heraldo de Aragon)

CD Logrones

Get nostalgic touches to remind the mythical and historical CD Logrones. Unfortunately, in the case of riojano club it will be impossible to see again in the top flight of Spanish football since he disappeared in 2009 after a grave economic and institutional crisis.

Founded in 1940, La Rioja club was a classic of football that had its heyday in the early 80 Y 90 when he chained 8 consecutive seasons in First Division. The bell 1996-1997 It was the last of The team Gaunas in the elite. Currently several teams try to fill the space left by the CD Logrones andn City. SD Logroñés and UD Logroñés They are trying to reach professional football without success so far.

CD Logrones
CD Logroñés initial formation of season 92-93. Abbey, Lopetegui, Iturrino… some who were part of that template (Photo: Brand)


If history was the CD Logrones, it was not less YOU. The charro set was part of our lives for many years and was also important in First Division forming large templates and giving much war rivals in Helmántico.

The city of Salamanca enjoyed during first football 12 seasons. The golden age of the club was in the early 70 with 7 consecutive seasons in the top flight of football. Unfortunately, as it happened with the CD Logrones, the UD Salamanca He ceased to exist in the year 2013. There is currently a small 'war’ salmantina in a city between two clubs as explained in this other article.

UD Salamanca
Initial training of Salamanca in the season 1974-1975 (Photo: YOU)

As we said at the beginning, All these teams are a clear example of what not to do. Conversely, place in the First Division have been occupying the 'next gen’ They are forming clubs like Villarreal, Getafe, Levante and in recent years Éibar, Leganés O Girona they have managed to do things right both economically and sports. We'll see if some are able to return and the others stay.

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  1. I do not understand that you put Oviedo and leave Sporting de Gijón out, which is also ahead in the historical classification of the First Division.

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