Controversies surrounding the top scorer in football history

Controversies surrounding the top scorer in football history
Who is the top scorer in football history??

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Is about, probably, the most questioned record in the beautiful sport. However, Deciding who has been the greatest scorer of all time is not an easy thing to answer. Far from there being unanimity in this regard, actually different versions coexist. The big question is which of them we should take into account.. Actually, The nuances of the answer will depend on the nuances with which the question is formulated. And, for example, We refer exclusively to the data published by official bodies, Cristiano Ronaldo is the holder of this record. Instead, if we review other alternative sources, other names fit like, for example, Messi's, Pole or Bican.

The official version

Cristiano Ronaldo is positioned as the greatest scorer in the history of this sport according to official figures but, also, also accumulates other achievements such as, for example, the top scorer in the history of Real Madrid and top scorer of the Portuguese National Team.

Although the official count has been published in different specialized media, FIFA has not commented on the matter. In any case, has become the undisputed reference for fans and also for professional bettors of the sports betting houses. The scores are distributed as follows::


Cristiano Ronaldo: 873

Lionel Messi: 821

Josef Bican: 805

Romario: 772

Skin: 757

Ferenc Puskas: 746

Gerd Müller: 734

Ferenc Deák: 576

Uwe Seeler: 575

Tulio Maravilha: 575

Other versions place Pelé in the spotlight

Yes, we are 100% objectives we must clarify that there is no possibility of knowing who has been the top scorer in the history of football. The reason? There is no documentation available because this information began to be documented in the 20th century. This means that when we talk about the top scorer in history, We are actually talking about the greatest scorer in the history of the FIFA. In this sense, Ronaldo managed to occupy the place when he surpassed the 805 many, figure that Josef Bican had previously managed to record. further, The Portuguese also holds the record for the highest number of matches played.

But nevertheless, If we review the other versions that circulate in the world of football, Pelé's statements draw attention. The Brazilian claimed to have scored more than 1.000 goals throughout his career although, for now, This information has not been able to be verified by official entities.

Actually, The athlete's quota that has been recognized by these is located in the 757 goals. However, The popular footballer continued in his thirteenth, saying that your brand reaches 1281 goals and that these are distributed in nothing more and nothing less than 1362 meetings. The problem that exists with this information is that the scorer included friendly matches in his count., unofficial and youth players, although these have not been counted in Ronaldo's quota.

Either way, Pelé managed to enter the popular Guinness Book of Records as the holder of the great milestone despite the fact that they have not been admitted as such at an institutional level..


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