Why Johan Cruyff played with the number 14?

Why Johan Cruyff played with the number 14?
Cruyff wearing the number 14 en el Ajax Amsterdam (ad.nl)

When any football fan thinks the number 14 one name comes immediately to mind: Johan Cruyff. Dutch genius popularized the dorsal and made eternal but… What was the real reason he started using?

In its beginnings in Ajax Amsterdam, Johan Cruyff He started playing with the '9’ in the back. But nevertheless, in the year 1970 'The skinny’ he suffered an injury that took a few weeks off the team. On his return, Your partner Gerrie Muhren (that years later would play in the Real Betis), He could not find the shirt that had been assigned with the number '7'. That was when Johan gave him the '9’ and simply he took the first that came out of the basket. As you can imagine he touched the number 14.

That 30 October 1970 the Ajax He scored a major victory against PSV for a goal to zero. Johan Cruyff, it was something superstitious, He decided to continue using the dorsal 14 since both the team and the selection Amsterdam. With that shirt 'The Oranje’ He dazzled the world World 1974 and one of the best footballers of all time made history.


curiously, that selection of the Netherlands He handed out the bibs in alphabetical order in that world Cup. Thus, we could see images as curious as the goalkeeper Jan Jongbloed sporting '8’ in her back. Obviously, the star of the team was an exception and Johan Cruyff He could wear the number 14 without any problem.

But nevertheless, Cruyff He found a 'problem’ after his move FC Barcelona. The rules of the Spanish League holders forced players took the field with dorsal 1 al 11. Thus, the number 14 It could only be used by a substitute so Johan had to return to 9 I had used in its early years.

The relationship between Cruyff and '14’ He continued in the stage coach. One of the customs that the technician did was give that back to one of the deputies who had planned to debut in the first team FC Barcelona. Without going further, Ernesto Valverde He played his first minutes as FC Barcelona with this jersey number 14.

With the advent of fixed dorsal, each player chose one that was who sported throughout the season. Guess what was the first to bring the '14’ with his name on the back at Barca? effectively, Jordi Cruyff, son of Johan.

In 2007 the Ajax Amsterdam He withdrew the dorsal forever. No other footballer 'ajaccie’ play with him. Thus, Johan Cruyff He got a number traditionally associated with alternate players is today one of the most legendary and iconic football history.

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