The curious distribution of bibs Argentina in world

The curious distribution of bibs Argentina in world
The selection of Argentina wearing the bibs in alphabetical order (Nodigagoldigakempes)

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In the world of football we are used to seeing goalkeeper wearing the number 1 in his shirt. But nevertheless, Today we will try the curious case of the dorsal Argentina in World 1974 a 1986 (both inclusive), where we could see several players with numbers' rare’ in her back.

After failing to qualify for the World Championship Mexico in 1970, the albiceleste was present at Germany in 1974. For this edition and for the following 1978, 1982 Y 1986, Argentina combined decided that his players would be divided lats in alphabetical order. The idea came from the triumvirate formed by technicians Cap, Varacka, Perfecto Rodriguez.

This distribution of shirt numbers Argentina caused that, among other things, the archer Ubaldo Fillol shone the 5 and the 7 in the world who defended the Argentine bow. Likewise, Ardiles was the number 1 and self Mario Kempes I had to donning the jacket with 13 in Germany 1974. Fortunately, 'The matador’ could bring '10’ in Argentina won the World Cup at home 1978.

Bibs Argentina
Maradona if he had the privilege of choosing the 10. Ardiles not we see the 1 back in the match between Argentina and Brazil in Spain '82 (PUNTA)


This custom was kept 1982 Y 1986 but with the arrival of Diego Armando Maradona They came the exceptions. The fuzz He asked Kempes to bring 10 Spain in World (corresponded the 11 in alphabetical order) and also he held in Mexico when the albiceleste won his second title. Another 'privileged’ I jumped the alphabetical order of the numbers of Argentina was Jorge Valdano which we saw with the 11 in 1986.

But nevertheless, this curious distribution of the bibs was not only used by the selection of Argentina. Holland He also used it for a few years. Without going further, in World History 1974 in which 'The Oranje’ He made history by reaching the final with so-called 'total football', players handed out numbers in alphabetical order.

Jongbloed 8
The goalkeeper Jan Jongbloed, with the 8 in his shirt, fits the penalty against Germany in the World Cup final 1974 (Football)

We could also see his goalkeeper, Jan Jongbloed, with the 8 in his shirt though, again, there was an exception since the 14 of Johan Cruyff It was sacred and was reserved for the star combo orange.

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