When Real Betis challenged the League won by Sevilla FC

When Real Betis challenged the League won by Sevilla FC
So the players celebrated the league title Sevilla (As)

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The relationship between Real Betis and the Sevilla FC It has never been too good or club level or their hobbies. But nevertheless, an incident in season 1945-1946, wherein the set of Nervión got that, Until now, It is their only League, He marked a before and after.

The 'case Antúnez’

It was known as the 'Case Antúnez’ and it did not affect only the two most important clubs in the city of Seville but had consequences in the upper echelons of Spanish football. Let's go by parts.

Francisco Antúnez He born in Seville in 1922 and he began his football career in the set of Nervión. When I joined the Sevilla youth club was signed by the Real Betis, which at that time played in Second. It was the season 1941-1942 and béticos achieve promotion to first with the young defensive midfielder playing their first matches as a professional with just 19 years.

But nevertheless, this new career in the top flight would last very little and set back down verdiblanco. Antúnez get ownership and becomes a major player the next three seasons. With 23 and much more mature years, the Sevilla FC He is interested in it to add it to your template. Like is logic, the news did not sit well in the hobby bética.

Economic problems Real Betis

The Real Betis He had serious economic problems, in fact, Directive owed a monthly fee to the template and the transfer of Antúnez could be the solution. Both directives meet at the home of President bético, Eduardo Benjumea, the 23 of January of 1945 and reach an agreement by which the pay Sevilla 80.000 pesetas to the entity verdiblanca. A very large sum in those years.

If the fans of Betis was already 'fly’ in the interest of his eternal rival in one of the mainstays of his team, Now that the agreement was a secret anger was discharged to his own directive. For this reason, Benjumea (I had not signed any documents yet) decides to reverse. This is where the figure of Carlos Hernandez, club vice president, becomes important as it will be to take responsibility for the operation and sign the contract.

In this way, Antúnez change Betis T-Shirt by Sevilla that appointment immediately for the next game against Chamartin Real Madrid. It looks like, béticos a crowd of fans flocked to the station to prevent the player traveling with the expedition sevillista. And if that was not enough, President Real Betis Send to a notary to prepare the minutes in the event that the player get on this train.

Francisco Antúnez not provided by the station but because it actually begins the journey on his own drive to Córdoba where it joins the rest of his teammates. Not only plays the game against Real Madrid (which ends in a draw) but dispute the 10 remaining games to finish this League 1945-1946 and that, coincidences of life, He wins Sevilla FC.

Antúnez case
The signing was Antúnez cover major sports newspapers (Brand)

The 'Case Antúnez’ It made headlines nationwide. The Real Betis to see that the player plays the game in Madrid denounced the case before the South Federation presiding Antonio Calderon but it gives for good transfer. Betis club uses the case to the Spanish Federation warning the Sevilla the risk of running the fielding footballer.

The National Sports Delegation agrees with the Real Betis

Finally, a couple of weeks later, the Spanish Federation It agrees with the Sevilla FC what, as we stated above, gets its first and only league title with Antúnez as one of the key reinforcements. But if you think that the thing was there… they are wrong.

With the completed competition, the National Sports Delegation, to which the Real Betis He had resorted, It agrees with the club bético. The player must return to Heliopolis. This is when the club decides to contest the League obtained by Seville as it believes should give up for lost every game playing Antúnez (a total of 10). This would not only lose the title but would result in demotion.

This last claim is unsuccessful and National Sports Delegation He decides that the title is valid but Sevilla, indeed, the player is the Betis. In fact, Antúnez gets to play a friendly with verdiblancos more but being the team in the second division and the possibility they had to return part of the money transfer, Finally, returns to Sevilla.

First of all this mess begins carousel resignations. President resigns Spanish Football Federation, that of federation South just like him President of Real Betis. Of course, a curious case opened wounds, surely, They are still unhealed.


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