Why the second T in Germany is usually green?

Why the second T in Germany is usually green?
Maradona y Matthaus frente a frente en la final de México '86 (Peru.com)

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The shirt Germany It is one of the most emblematic of history. Some of his designs are considered the most beautiful that have been created. Today we will review why the first German elastic is white and the alternative is usually green color.

Usually national teams often choose the colors of their flag to their shirts. But nevertheless, draws attention T-Shirt Germany be white when this flag colors are black, Red and yellow. But nevertheless, It is explained. The classic dress with white shirt and black pants are a heritage of the Kingdom of Prussia, whose flag was black and white. Unification and conversion into the German Empire was in 1871.

For this reason, from the beginning we saw German teams wear white shirt and black pants in any sport. However, the story of Alternative green shirt It has a quite different explanation also worth noting.

Reputation Germany once the Second World War It was not good, obviously. The selection was hard to arrange friendly matches since no other country wanted to face the Germans. It is said that (It not confirmed the 100%) the first selection of the Germans relented and agreed to play a match against them was Ireland. According to this theory, in gratitude, Germans chose a green coat as second kit because it is the color of the Irish.

But nevertheless, There are other theories about the origin of green shirt Germany. Some sources suggest that was chosen because it is the background color Shield German Football. This version is reinforced by the fact that the green jersey of German is used only in the selection of football and in other sports such as hockey, cite one example, suelan the black or the red used, present in the German flag.

In any case, green shirt has been in great moments in the history of the sport and in virtually all major events, both as World Eurocopas. It was the one used in the 60 Y 70 mythical players like Beckenbauer, Paul Breitner, Uwe Seeler And a long etcetera. Also we remember the final that pitted Maradona's Argentina 1986 with a favorable outcome for the albiceleste 3 goals 2.

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