What team it was Adolf Hitler follower?

What team it was Adolf Hitler follower?
Adolf Hitler at the Berlin Olympics in 1936 (Businessinsider.com)

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Not long ago we published an article on the favorite team of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. Today we will try to do the same with Adolf Hitler, principal leader of Nazism.

In the decade of the 30 the main European dictators realized that football was a movement that grew by leaps and bounds. Far from staying out, they all understood that this sport could be used to keep people entertained and, at the same time, high spirits. In this way, They began to be seen on stage and tried to organize various sporting events of great impact.

One of the most striking case was that of Adolf Hitler I was able to get Berlin outside headquarters Olympic Games of the year 1936. From the box seat at the leader He looked stunned and defeated the German team fell against Norway who managed the bronze medal (the best result in its history in a big event). both 55.000 viewers as the protagonist of this article left the stands before the end of the meeting completely humiliated by the 0-2.

ADOLF HITLER Was Schalke 04?

Focusing on the issue that concerns us, we have to talk about the favorite team Hitler. It has to be said that, Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no confirmed to answer 100% so we try to enumerate the facts and to the reader to draw their own conclusions.

One possibility is that, as we said at the beginning of the article, Adolf Hitler I did not feel the slightest interest in football beyond wanting to use it as propaganda element. In fact, different voices claim that hated for being a sport: “too English”.

But nevertheless, it must be said that there are some 'evidence’ that him leader swells out of Schalke 04. The main arguments of the proponents of this hypothesis is based on the fact that the set of Gelsenkirchen achieved neither more nor less than 6 league titles in the years of Nazi gobierto. But not only that, the miners’ They remained unbeaten in their stadium during 11 years.


The news was released by the Times who published an article with the worst fans of some football clubs. In this publication Adolf Hitler He appeared as fanatic Schalke 04 something the club itself quickly denied. According to the Gelsenkirchen club there is no record whatsoever of the dictator never attend in the stadium to attend any meeting.

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