Real Betis Balompié that historic decade of 90

Real Betis Balompié that historic decade of 90
Finidi, Cuellar and Robert Jarni, three of the figures of Real Betis in the early 90 (Photo: As)

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The decade of the 90 He had everything for fans Real Betis Balompié. Two ascents and two demotions and in between, one of the best teams in recent memory the set bético.


After falling to the second division in the campaign 1990-1991, the Real Betis Balompié He had a sort of crossing the desert without reaching complete a promotion to the top flight. technical and D´Alessandro, Sergio Kresic or Esnaola by staff they were made but it was not until the arrival of Lorenzo Serra Ferrer the anticipated return to First Division was achieved.

It was in the season 1993-1994 wherein the set bético, with a staff of players as Merino, Olías, White hair, Alexis Trujillo Y the great goalscorer, Daniel Toribio Aquino, among others, He got a sustained rise.

That course began with Sergio Kresic on the bench but it was not until the arrival of Serra Ferrer what verdiblanco team He secured his place in the top flight of Spanish football obtaining a second place ranking.

The project of Serra Ferrer had continuity and technical, with the base of players from the previous season and arrivals signings like goalkeeper Spring (it would Zamora with elastic bética), Bosnian defense Vidakovic, Serb half Stosic and Polish striker Kowalczyk, They achieved a historic third position being a newly promoted.

angel Cuellar, with 14 goals scored, It was the team's top scorer this season 1994-1995 in which Real Betis Balompié only he was surpassed by the champion Real Madrid and the Deportivo La Coruna. But nevertheless, by then, be third was not enough to access the Champions League so the béticos disputed the UEFA Cup.

Far from settling, Serra Ferrer luxury he received reinforcements to maintain the level of that template. They arrived at Heliópolis three authentic cracks that made history with bética shirt: Alfonso Y Robert Jarni first and Finidi shortly after.

Alfonso Real Betis
Alfonso Pérez, one of the best players of Real Betis in the early 90 (Photo: Brand)


With them and other arrivals like Pier Luigi Querubino, the Real Betis Balompié He kept fighting for European places. In fact, he returned to the noble part of the classification achieving fourth place in the historic season 1996-1997 in which the team qualified to play Recopa as he disputed the final of the Copa del Rey against FC Barcelona falling with dignity in a thrilling encounter that ended with a tight 3-2 for the Catalans in overtime.

Real Betis Balompié Cup finalist
Real Betis starting lineup in the final of Copa del Rey 1997 against Barca. Above: Spring, Roberto Rios, To walk, Alexis, Vidakovic, Finidi. Down: Jaime, Alfonso, Merino, Reeds and Nadj (porelrealbetisestoyloco)

From there it was decided to turn regardless of Serra Ferrer which it was replaced by the mythical Luis Aragones on the bench. After a stint in the middle of sorting some key pieces, among which highlighted left Robert Jarni, He signed by the Real Madrid.

Gradually the level of the team went down. Cantatore Y Clemente They passed by the bench before the fateful 1999-2000 Carlos Timoteo Griguol, Guus Hiddink s Faruk Hadžibegić (Despite the return to the team Alfonso Pérez) they could not avoid relegation to the Second Division thus concluding a period of splendor of the club verdiblanco.


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  1. Alfonso did not go to Barcelona while Jarni. Elncrosta left Real Madrid in summer 1998 and getafense went to Barcelona when the Betis fell to second in the season 99/00

      1. You're welcome, sir. A pity that I can not correct the Elncrosta, hehehehe. I think he understood that I meant the Croatian. Greetings and thanks for correcting. Not everyone does.

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