Real Racing Club, Spanish football pioneer

Real Racing Club, Spanish football pioneer
Some of the first players of Racing Santander. From left to right: Ortíz, Fernández, Lavin, Díez and Barbosa (Photo: Racing Club)

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When we speak of Real Racing Club de Santander we do, definitely, a pioneering club where there. The set cntabro, as discussed below, always appears as the first endless historical facts of Spanish football.

As we saw in previous articles, the mountain club has the honor of being one of the founders of the Spanish League. Not in vain, in the season 1928-1929 He comprised of the 10 teams that made up the First Division who were: Arenas de Getxo, Athletic Club de Bilbao, FC Barcelona, Athletic Club de Madrid, RCD Spanish, CD Europe, Real Madrid FC, Real society, Real Unión Irun and self Racing de Santander.

Precisely a year earlier, the evident need to create a league with the best clubs in the country, They took place two parallel leagues. There were two distinct groups of clubs. On the one hand the 'minimalist’ supporting the creation of a league competition disputed that only teams that were champions of Spain (Athletic Club, Real Madrid, Real society, FC Barcelona, Real Union Irun and Arenas Getxo). For another, the 'Maximalists’ They advocated creating a league with the best teams in Spain.

Spanish League Foot-ball

Thus he was born, parallel to the 'Champions League’ or 'league 6', the Spanish League Foot-ball which consisted 9 first equipment and to which were added 3 more on the fly. This 'League High', as it was known popularly, was incomplete because not all teams played the same number of meetings. As a curiosity, at the time when the competition was paralyzed, the Racing de Santander leading classification. The other teams were: RCD Spanish, Athletic de Madrid, Real Sporting, Sevilla FC, Valencia FC, Iberia Sports Club, Real Murcia, Celta de Vigo, CA Osasuna, Deportivo Alavés Y Real Union Irun (incorporated a posteriori).

Also, the Cantabrian club was the first representative of Spain in a European competition semiofficial. The Racing was the pioneer as it was at the Colonial tournament in Paris held in the year 1931. Highlander team came to the Spanish representation after being runner-up of League following the resignation of Athletic Club de Bilbao it was the reigning champion. Three years later, Santander also the club was the first of the maximum Spanish category in hiring foreign players. They were specifically Mexican Pria Manuel Alonso and Luis de la Fuente Hoyos.

First televised match and advertising on the shirt

Not content with this, the Racing de Santander it can also boast being one of the contenders the first televised game in Spain. Was the 24 October 1954 at Santiago Bernabeu and the teams were faced Real Madrid, owner field, and set verdiblanco.

But those who think that the pioneer of Spanish football would settle for what already mentioned above are very wrong. Again it was the Racing the first team to wear advertising on their shirts. Was in the year 1981 when they sported verdiblancos Puzzle in exchange of 10 million pesetas. That same season, but some time later, the Real Madrid It incorporates his zamarra other appliance brand, Zanussi.

By last, but not less important, in 1991 the Cantabrian entity is the first to become Sociedad Anonima Deportiva, a fact that mark the evolution of modern football. as we see, the Racing de Santander He has been leading the way to other clubs in our country becoming the great pioneer of Spanish football.

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