Roberto Baggio: “I asked my mother to kill me”

Roberto Baggio: “I asked my mother to kill me”
Roberto Baggio in his time at Fiorentina (The vanguard)

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Roberto Baggio He is one of the best Italian soccer players of all time. The player wore the shirt of great clubs (Fiorentina, Juventus, Milan, Inter…). But nevertheless, his career was marked by some injuries that prevented him from surrendering to 100% since very soon.

Precisely, in an interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Italian crack confessed that he had a really bad time after going from Vicenza to Fiorentina in 1985: “In my first year at Fiore I had a very serious knee injury. They put me 200 points and the pain was excruciating. At that precise moment I came to tell my mother that if she loved me, It will kill me”. At that time, also, the player embraced the buddhist religion, that helped him overcome his difficult situation.

Nonetheless, Roberto Baggio managed to be the franchise player of the viola set. In fact, the fans consider him one of the best footballers who has worn the club's shirt in all history: “I played much of my career in pain. I got used to it and the truth is that I achieved great successes both individually and collectively”.

Indeed, Baggio raised a league, a Cup and a UEFA Cup with the Juventus as well as a second league championship with Milan. further, was appointed Golden Ball in 1993. One year later, in summer 1994, was a finalist in the United States World Cup, but nevertheless, Brazil took the title in the penalty shootout in which, precisely, Roberto Baggio missed the final launch.


Own Baggio showed his appreciation to the fans of the Fiorentina in those hard times of 1985: “I will always remember the support of the fans. All the months of recovery from that injury encouraged me and were very important to me.”.

But nevertheless, the signing of Baggio by Juventus was understood as treason. The player blamed the directive for lack of clarity in the negotiation: “They blamed me for that and people believed them. They wanted to sell me because Juventus offer was very good and they did not consider me a key part of the sports project”.

Baggio Juventus
Baggio played his best football in the ranks of Juventus (These Football Times)

Who knows what they would have achieved if injuries they would have respected him a little more. Problems in the meniscus and tendon of the right knee and a new cruciate tear, this time on the left, in the year 2002 when he was in the ranks of the Brescia, where he hung his boots permanently.

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