How many gold balls Pele and Maradona had won?

How many gold balls Pele and Maradona had won?
France Football magazine reveals how many Golden Balls Pele and Maradona would (ABC Color)

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The Golden Ball It is an award that the magazine France Football given to the best European player since 1956. But nevertheless, in 1995 the publication decided to expand borders and began to reward the best footballer in the world. Given this, how many Golden Balls They have won big stars like Pele or Maradona?

The magazine recently conducted a simulation in which 'modified’ until 12 awards. Most striking is that the Brazilian Skin, for many the best footballer of all time, have neither more nor less than 7 Golden Balls. Thus, overtake Argentina Leo Messi, currently it has 6.

Focusing on the other great football legend, Diego Armando Maradona, French publication states that 'The fuzz’ He had been awarded two trophies. that of 1986, definitely, It would have been for him after his great World Cup in Mexico where he led the Albiceleste to the title. The other, in 1990, when he was a finalist at the World Championship in Italy and won the second Scudetto with Napoli.

Other big stars who stayed without receiving a Golden Ball and according France Football they had deserved are Garrincha, Kempes Y Romario. The first would have obtained safely in 1962, when he was the best player in Brazil in the World Cup in Chile he won the canarinha. Meanwhile, Argentine Mario Kempes was the player of the year 1978 and Romario 1994. Kevin Keegan and Hristo Stoichkov had stayed without reward, so.

These are the 12 modifications, according France Football, they should be:

  • 1958: Skin instead of Kopa.
  • 1959: Skin instead of Di Stéfano.
  • 1960: Skin instead of Luis Suarez.
  • 1961: Skin instead of Sivori.
  • 1962: Garrincha instead of Masopust.
  • 1963: Skin Lev Yashin instead of.
  • 1964: Skin instead of Denis Law.
  • 1970: Skin instead of Muller.
  • 1978: Kempes por Keegan.
  • 1986: Maradona by Belanov.
  • 1990: Maradona instead of Matthäus.
  • 1994: Romario en vez de Stoichkov.

Of course, the French publication was pleased to deliver Golden Ball Honorary both Skin like Maradona. Thus, both they received their recognition as two of the best footballers in history.


In any case, the players more gold balls are those who are, since neither Skin ni Maradona They could receive officially in their day. This is the ranking of the players who more times have been awarded this prestigious award:

  • Lionel Messi, Argentina, 6
  • Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal, 5
  • Johan Cruyff, Netherlands, 3
  • Marco Van Basten, Netherlands, 3
  • Michel Platini, France, 3
  • Franz Beckenbauer, Germany, 2
  • Rummenigge, Germany, 2
  • Ronaldo Nazario, Brazil, 2


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  1. I think that as the best in the world Diego Maradona deserves the 76 al 81 being a scorer 4 times in a row and 5 times in total and becoming local champion. What makes Pele, with the exception of the World Cup years, deserve trophies of the best in the world? I find no difference, and also Maradona showed after the 86 stay current and be the best of all until the first doping.

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