When they coexisted Levante FC Valencia and Levante FC of Murcia

When they coexisted Levante FC Valencia and Levante FC of Murcia
Formation of the Murcia late 20 (Photo: Pinterest)

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When we hear the name Levante FC we often think that we are referring to one of the ancestors of the current Levante UD. In fact, today is the result of merging Levante FC and Gymnastic back in 1939. But nevertheless, in its infancy, there was another fairly close, specifically in the city of Murcia.

Year 1909, el nacimiento del Levante FC

The Levante Foot-Ball Club He born late 1908. But nevertheless, when the set Murcia came to the Federation to register to the club he found a team that already existed with the same name in Valencia so I had to choose a new one, specifically R. Levante Foot-Ball Club. Still unknown what I wanted to tell the “R” of that name. In this way, This club becomes the oldest in the entire region of Murcia.

Initially the club Murcia dressed in green shirt apple, white shorts and black stockings. It was not until 1922 when his clothing changes to the current grana, While it is true that had already been used on occasion in 1920.

So, in these early years, We had two 'Levantes’ coexisted one another in Valencia and Murcia. It was not until 1922 when the set Murcia adopts the name Murcia Foot-Ball Club and one year after King Alfonso XIII granted the title of “real” so and would become the Real Murcia Foot-Ball Club until 1931 when it is established in the Second Republic and Spain all clubs “real” They lose the crown of his shield and his name Real, something that gets in 1940 with the end of the Civil War and the arrival of Franco to power.

Levante UD of Valencia

In the meantime, in Valencia Levante FC, as we said at the beginning of the article, play their first matches and tournaments under that name with a blanquinegra shirt and black pants. Once the war ended, levantino assembly merges with the Gimástico, He is wearing Barca. This fusion produces the current Levante who took the name of the lift and colors Gymnastic. further, after the war, the Levante FC players available but lacked stadium, opposite the Gymnastic so the merger came pearls both.

It is unclear whether this could be the reason why some fans are unaware of what city is the Levante UD. In fact, the club itself decided some years ago to rename the name of their stadium by Valencia to leave it clear. maybe, the existence of another Levantine club in the region of Murcia and the fact that part of the Mediterranean coast is known as “Spanish Levante” They have caused this confusion that eventually disappears especially with the team playing in the elite.

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