How much did the signings of retro football stars?

How much did the signings of retro football stars?
Do you want to know how much the signings of the great players of yesteryear cost?? PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

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The money is handled today in the world of football is really crazy. Any player today signed a multimillion dollar contract and when we see the figure that has been paid for his transfer we lay hands on head. Cristiano Ronaldo He came to Real Madrid for almost 100 millions, something that fizzled after the PSG pay to 222 by Neymar. But, How much it costs the signings of great stars of retro football?

Although for many decades the money it charges a footballer and transfer paid by the best players it is extortionate (the end of the day all they do is play football), a time now the bubble grows at risk of exploitation. We do not know if the big culprit is Televisions money, the creation of the SAD, the arrival of the Bosman Law which opened borders, the case is that when one compares its payroll with a footballer of First or Second Division, It is shocked.

If we look back and compare what cost the signings of great stars of retro football with current alucinaremos. Obviously, is not the same 1 million dollars 1970 that today, but still, the thing has exploded if we contextualize.

How much did great retro football stars like Maradona or Cruyff cost??

An example of what we are talking about is Johan Cruyff. The best footballer of the decade of the 70, star of Ajax Amsterdam (with whom he won 3 European Cups consecutively) and the Dutch came to FC Barcelona in summer 1973 in exchange of 1 a million dollars (by then some 100 million pesetas about). Some 600.000 euros To the change. If we consider inflation, we could say that the signing of Johan went out to Barcelona for a 20 million current euros. Can you imagine to sign the best player in the world today for that price? Impossible Truth?

The price of the stars was increasing and just 11 years later, again Barça, He achieved the signing of the best player of the moment: Diego Armando Maradona. The arrival of Argentine star, which we discussed in another article, entailed an outlay of 1.200 million pesetas (some 7 millions of euros). Again, if we consider inflation, we are talking about 25 million euros today. Just two years later, 'The fuzz’ I would heading to Naples 1.400 million pesetas.

Signing Maradona
Maradona on the day of his presentation as new FC Barcelona player (Four Four Two)

How much money did Italian Calcio invest to become the NBA of soccer in the 80-90?

In the 90, Italian league became the NBA Football. The best players came to Italy and the clubs paid the highest transfers to seize the stars of the moment. In 1990, Roberto Baggio He signed by the Juventus from the Fiorentina in exchange of 10 millions of euros (some 25 current). Meanwhile, in 1997 Ronaldo he left the club toward the Inter in exchange of 4.000 million pesetas (24 millions of euros) today amount to about 50.

Already at the end of the 90, Signings Christian Vieri Y Hernán Crespo They were also high. Italian he changed Juve by Lazio in 1999. The Roman team paid the equivalent of 46,5 millions of euros. Meanwhile, The Argentine did the opposite in exchange for what would be equivalent to a few 56 ‘kilos’ one year later.

How much did Lopera and Betis pay for Denilson?

But the record of those crazy years 90 television in which I began to pay astronomical figures put the Real Betis. Manuel Ruiz de Lopera He surprised everyone by signing Brazilian Denilson Sao Paulo from more than 5.000 million pesetas (31,8 millions of euros).

Florentino broke the bank starting the 21st century with Figo, Zidane and his galacticos

as we see, gradually the equivalent figure (not paid) it's growing up. But nevertheless, the appearance of Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, completely burst the market. Merengue maximum leader Figo she signed by 10.000 million pesetas (60 millions of euros) from the Barcelona. Those 60 ‘kilos’ of the year 2000 are some 90 current.

Not content with that, They would arrive signings like Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo O Gareth Bale. All of them between the most expensive signings in the history of Real Madrid. French cost 75 millions of euros, for the 95 Y 100 Portuguese and Welsh (depending on the source) respectively. curiously, the 75 that they were paid for ‘Zizou’ They make it more expensive because it would exceed 100 today.

In any case, all these signings of great stars of retro football They have nothing to do with the figures that move today. And the worst, From my point of view, It is that all we have named in Article real stars were once while, nowadays, with such a distorted market, We see how many clubs pay real atrocities by real 'tuercebotas’ he did not arrive or the soles of the shoes that we have cited above. Things of modern football.

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