Why white cards were used in Spanish football? Could return?

Why white cards were used in Spanish football? Could return?

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Today part of football and we see them as an element of the regulation and the game. But nevertheless, There was a time in which there were. We are talking, Of course, of the cards, which began to appear in the World 1970.

The need to create something visual that will make it clear that a player had been booked by the referee came after a very rough match at World 1962 between Chile e Italy. In that game, the referee Ken Aston He could not calm tempers of both contenders and the game was out of hand. He had to expel two Italian footballers and went home very frustrated.

At that time the referee warned verbally to a player to stop protesting or used harshly. If the same player was expelled persisted, but all word. This caused considerable confusion because sometimes the players were unaware of being reprimanded a first time. further, the public had no way of finding out these notices to a certain player.

Ken Aston, inventor of cards
Ken Aston at the match between Chile and Italy in the World 1962 which he ended in anger (The country)


Problems continued in the World 1966 where in a match between England Y Argentina, German trencilla Rudolf Kreitlein He expelled the Argentine Antonio Rattin he had not realized he had been warned previously by a language problem. In the same way, at that meeting, They were verbally reprimanded the brothers Jack Y Bobby Charlton they were not aware of it. It was urgent to find a method that will make it clear that a player received warning.

Thus, Ken Aston, what in 1966 I was already retired but was part of the committee of referees, He had the idea of ​​using the color yellow as a warning and red as expulsion after stopping his car at a stoplight Kensington High Street London. But how to carry it out in a football match? It was Hilda, his wife, which he cut two poster boards and gave him the idea that the collegiate carry in your pocket during games.

A) Yes, at World 1970 yellow and red cards were present for the first time. Soviet Kakhi Asatiani He was the first player to receive a yellow on a global, Chilean Carlos Caszely (at that time footballer of the Levant) a red with the consequent expulsion.

Upon completion of this World Cup Mexico '70 the cards They were introduced in the major leagues. But nevertheless, the Spanish league began using white and red cards. The reason, Although there is no official version, is none other than the fact that at that time the TVs were black and white and mostly it was easier to differentiate between the two cardboards.


It was not until January 1971 when they implanted in our football. Anecdotally say that the first player to receive a white card by repeated protests to the referee was legendary striker Quini in a match that pitted the Espanyol y al Sporting Gijon.

Quini released white cards
The legendary Quini was the first player to receive white board in the Spanish League in his first season in the top flight with Sporting Gijón (Futboldeprimera)

The white cards You were part of our league for five years until they were replaced by Yellow and red to which we have become accustomed all these years. But nevertheless, on occasion there has been talk of a possible return of the cards of this color.

Without going further, Platini He advocated the creation of a card that would serve to expel a player during 10 minutes to calm down without the expulsion was final and color of this card would be white.


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