Onesimo Sanchez, one of the best bargainers of 90

Onesimo Sanchez, one of the best bargainers of 90
Onesimo celebrates a goal with Rayo Vallecano shirt (The History)

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When a football fan of my generation is asked to say one of the best dribblers a name quickly comes to mind from his childhood: Onesimo Sanchez, ‘The Spanish Garrincha’. It is true that, for one thing or another, this skilled and fast winger did not have a career in the biggest clubs in Spain or Europe, but without any doubt, he was one of the best of his time.

Born in Valladolid in 1968, Onesimus he stood out early in the lower categories of his city team. With only 18 years debuted in First division with the Pucela where was it two seasons. To the 20 was transferred to Cádiz CF, also from the First Division. There he caught the attention of himself Johan Cruyff who signed him for Barça. In the culé team, the subsidiary and the first team alternated. Big words.


His experience in Barcelona was spectacular as he himself tells in an interview. He played the European Super Cup against Sacchi's Milan participating for a few minutes and boldly facing a certain Paolo Maldini who suffered the mischief of that young and skillful extreme right. But nevertheless, at the end of the season he returned to Valladolid where he enjoyed three very good seasons.

In the 93-94 he joined Vallecano Ray. In Vallecas they again enjoyed that player to whom you have to give it when the game is complicated for something different to happen. He was always a great shock and a stirrer in the moments when his team needed to overcome an adverse score. With the rayista t-shirt suffered an immediate descent and ascent, leaving the team where you found it.

It was then when he got the opportunity to sign for a team with European aspirations., the Sevilla FC in 1996. Nothing is further from reality. The Nervión team had a disastrous season that ended with relegation to Second and with a Onesimus that had little participation.

Again Lightning, Burgos Y Palencia were the last teams that enjoyed this different player who will always be remembered by all the fans who had him in their teams but also by those who suffered as a rival. One of the best dribblers with this ‘Maradoniano look’ that always caused us sympathy and lifted us from our seats.


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