The day that Maradona brothers played in the Granada CF

The day that Maradona brothers played in the Granada CF
Diego Armando Maradona and his two brothers, Hugo and Lalo, posing with the shirt of Granada CF (5000 and ramos)

Diego Armando Maradona It is for many the best player of all time. 'The fuzz’ You need no introduction and the late 80 It was at its maximum splendor and for any football club was a unique opportunity to have him if only for a friendly game and it generated great expectations and was a blockbuster secured. Today we remember when the brothers Maradona They played in the Granada CF.

Was a 18 November 1987. At that time the Argentinian star was one of the highlights of his career as it was very little had proclaimed World Champion Mexico '86 and militated in the rows of Naples which get two Italian leagues.

The Granada at that time militated in Second Division and just sign the medium of Maradona, more, by 34 million pesetas (a pretty penny of the time). Thanks to this gesture, Diego He promised to Atletico would play a friendly match in compensation for having given me the opportunity to his middle brother playing in the Spanish League.


In this way, that 18 November 1987, the Granada He faced the Malmo Swede gathering the three Maradona brothers in his ranks, Diego(1960-2020), Hugo (1969-2021) and Lalo, something that had not previously gotten any other club. 'The fuzz’ wore the 9 on his back and was able to score a great goal-kick, one of his specialties.

Of course the party created great excitement in the city Granada Stadium Los Carmenes It was fully booked for the historic meeting. At that time said that his brother Diego more It was the most technical of the three and initially the thing painted very well. But nevertheless, gradually it became clear that their initial performance had been a mirage and finished that season with a record of 19 parties and 2 goals. And if that was not enough, the equipment descended to Second B where he continued in the template and again scored two more goals in eight games.

Adventure Lalo Maradona in Granada ended with more pain than glory but will always be remembered one day when the three brothers Maradona They wore the red and white jersey of the Granada CF in a crowded stadium.

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