The controversy with color trouser Real Sporting Gijon

The controversy with color trouser Real Sporting Gijon
Sporting training to face Barca at Camp Nou this season 1993-1994 pants and white socks (Trade)

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The Real Sporting Gijon It is a historic club in Spanish football. He has the honor of wearing red and white shirt (colors of the flag of the city) Since its founding in 1905 to the point of being the oldest of this color in Spain. But nevertheless, color trouser Sporting, as well as stockings, it has been modified several times to the point created some controversy among his penchant for knowing what is the most appropriate.

What color should be the trousers Sporting Gijon?

Although the color blue has been the most common throughout the club's history there have also been times when the Sporting He has worn pants and leggings white. For this reason it came to a vote at the end of the year 90 in which shareholders were asked to choose between blue or white pants was won after almost blue 2.000 votes counted.

Among the defenders of the blue highlighted several reasons. One of them that has been the most seasons has been the usual, another is a way to include the color of the flag Asturias in uniform.

Sporting blue pants
Team owner of Sporting in a match of the season 1997-1998 in which only he added 12 points becoming the worst in the history of the Spanish League (sportskeeda)

Those who opt for the white usually do mainly because they believe it gives a touch or unique distinction in Spanish football since no other rojiblancos, at least in the elite, it takes. further, They believe that white stripes shirt combines the best if both the pants and socks are also white.

Compared to the average must say that is where most changes have been made over the years. From blue to red to white or even black, there has not been a color that has been imposed with absolute rotundity. In recent years the nonnegotiable red and white shirt He has lived with his pants and blue tights most occasions but the debate is still on the agenda.


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3 thoughts on “The controversy with color trouser Real Sporting Gijon

  1. This picture is IMPOSSIBLE to be of 1994/95. In the 1994/95, Abelardo played at Barca, Arturo in the Logroñés, Luis Sierra in Merida, Oscar Real Zaragoza (He was champion of the Recopa), Stanic at Benfica and Escaich at Barca.
    It is the 1993/94. that season, besides League, Barca and Sporting clashed in the second round of the Cup of the King. This photo belongs to the league match, because in the Cup at Camp Nou he played goalkeeper Emilio. (Emilio, Arturo, Ablanedo I, Raul, Abelardo, Luis Sierra, Pablo, Brown, Saric, Dani Diaz, Escaich, Finishing 1-1 with goals and Salinas I Ablanedo. He spent the Barca winning the first leg 0-3 at the Molinon)

    Above: Luis Sierra, Oscar, Muñiz, Thomas, Ablanedo and Abelardo. Down: Arturo, Escaich, stations, Paul Miner.

    They played for Barca: Zubizarreta, Ferrer, Nadal, Koeman, Sergi, Love, Ivan Iglesias, Bakero (Goico), Eusebio (Juan Carlos), Stoichkov y Romario.

    FC Barcelona 4-0 Real Sporting Gijon. 1-0 Love, 2-0 Romario, 3-0 Stoichkov, 4-0 Romario.

    Referee: Ansuátegui Rock. Yellow Luis Sierra and Muñiz.

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