“Fuck me Rafa, penalty and expulsion from whom?”

“Fuck me Rafa, penalty and expulsion from whom?”
Mejuto Gonzalez and Rafael Guerrero, a couple who became popular in that game in La Romareda (Photo: As)

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It has been many years that played in that game La Romareda the Real Zaragoza and the FC Barcelona, but still the vast majority of football fans remember the famous play that became tremendously famous one of the linesmen of the meeting, Rafa Guerrero.

That 29 September 1996 the whole hand expired by 3-2 lack of 20 minutes remaining to the Barça trained by Bobby Robson. At that moment the central defense of the whole culé, Fernando Couto, He kicked Watery, Central Zaragoza and his companion Solana He responded with a slap. The Portuguese player of the Barcelona He fell to the ground and was then Rafa Guerrero I call Mejuto González.


The assistant referee had it right: “Penalty and expulsion“. When Mejuto He heard those words could not help surprise: “Go fuck Rafa, penalty and expulsion… whose?. Cameras and microphones of Canal Plus, the party offering, They captured the entire sequence of one of the moments that would make the most popular football 90 in Spanish League.

While referee and linesman tried to clarify the situation, Players from both teams approached to try to push and make a decision favorable to their interests. gustavo Poyet It was especially expressive: “If we go gives PENALTY”. Guardiola, captain of the Barça and he tried to press Higuera, captain blanquillo.

Finally, the main referee heeded Rafa Guerrero and he noted the fateful point and expelled (wrongly) a Watery (number 6) because he had given swatted Couto had been Solana (number 3).

The move was much talked about since the FC Barcelona He rallied the party and took the victory 3 goals 5. Rafa Guerrero It took many years to return to the band La Romareda and he claimed it was a very complicated time since he suffered a lot of pressure and insults.


What is clear is that this party and that action made him a media linesman character still can see in sports programs commenting on controversial plays that occur in matches the Spanish league. Years later said had a very bad at that time and that his return home from Zaragoza until Lion It was absolute solitude and still feel respect (not fear) when you visit the Aragonese town.

Very kindly, Rafa Guerrero we gave an interview in which not only spoke of 'the play’ which he marked his life but many other things. Worth reading.

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  1. Curiously, these types of expressions are used “don't fuck with me” “fuck you” “I'm screwed up” “Fuck you”…in an insulting way, negative, derogatory…like fucking was a bad thing. There is a puritan undertone to this use of language that people are rarely aware of..

  2. Although there are also contradictions, in other cases these terms are used with positive connotations: helluva, fucking mother. Oh well, this is a soccer page so all this is not very relevant.

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