'Antiheroes of Granada C.F.” José Manuel Quesada

'Antiheroes of Granada C.F.” José Manuel Quesada

Last update February 11, 2020 by Javier Argudo

In FUTBOLRETRO.ES we are very proud of employees who are part of our team and we have every day old football stories. It is the case José Manuel Quesada, author of the book "Antiheroes of Granada C. F." I want to recommend today that all football lovers, whatever your team.

Successes are the common thread of the vast majority of sports publications, society in which we live used to aggrandize the victor and the vanquished forget, without falling into the sporting event could not exist without both, barely glimpsed that dazzling parallel to the victorious history is a sad-and deeper insurance- the defeated. The recent history of Granada C.F. (since the years 80 the first decade of the new century) He smeared the tragedy. Failure after failure, the club slowly fell into the pit of misery while the lost grandeur craved. José Manuel Quesada ensures that a book about the club Nazari must be imbued with this bitterness rojiblanca.

In his argument, "Antiheroes of Granada C. F." (Editions Allia) Dodge sporting glory and try to find that despite Atletico personified the protagonists of the sport: the football players. Story after story runs almost 90 year history of the club through their biggest disappointments, its scandals and its most curious anecdotes. Quesada has dived through the history of the club to find those he calls antiheroes, players who went to that story for a negative than positive. Including the reader will find players demonized for his bad game, to be protagonists of an unfortunate play, not meet the expectations created, Players wanted for justice, politically repressed players ... In short, a ragtag bunch of athletes from all walks of life with a unique inside story worth telling.

In total there are thirty-one stories that make up this interesting work, agile reading and is accompanied by masterful illustrations. Undoubtedly it will thrill Atletico swells but does not stop there, exceeds forofismos and surely like the lover of the beautiful game.

You can purchase a copy of "Antiheroes of Granada C. F." personally dedicated by its author through the contact form on our website: https://futbolretro.es/contacto/

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