Three of the most acclaimed figures within Atlético de Madrid

Three of the most acclaimed figures within Atlético de Madrid
Luis Aragonés is one of the most acclaimed figures in the history of Atlético for his career as a footballer and as a coach. PHOTO: The world

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There are many names of the players who have passed through the rojiblanco team. But there are only a few who have managed to make history with him and remain in the memory not only of Atlético de Madrid fans. (known as indios), but in that of all the followers of the beautiful sport par excellence. Among these we could highlight the following names.

Los jugadores más destacados dentro de la historia del Atlético

Luis Aragonés

A great figure in Spanish football, both on and off the field, where he managed to create the team that would make Spain win the World Cup. Known by the followers of the colchoneros as Zapatones or El Sabio de Hortaleza. He debuted as a player in the year 1953, in the match against Getafe. And as a coach in 1974, relieving Juan Carlos Lorenzo from the tenth day. It was in 1980 when he left the club after winning a Cup (1976), the Intercontinental Cup and a League, the only one who has as a coach (1997).

Although it would not be the only time that he would captain the colchoneros. There were two more occasions in which we could see him on the Vicente Calderón pitch (from the 81 al 87, and 91 al 93). He is considered a figure of vital importance for the Madrid team, who already designate him as the godfather of the team. And is that, both his philosophy and his game have left their mark forever on the team and the fans.

Diego Pablo Simeone

Figure of great importance today for the sports entity, of which he is a coach from the 2012, and with which he has a contract until 2024. As with Luis, El Cholo has been part of the team as much as a player, coaching, and in both areas it has managed to leave a mark. As a player he was part of the double template that the club obtained in the season 1995/96 junto a Pantic, Vizcaino, Caminero or Molina, among others.

Today he is a key link in the team, who won the league title last year, and that is still one of the favorites, equaling their status to Real Madrid or FC Barcelona. You just have to take a look at sports betting to realize it; in pages of betsson bets opinions, also, it's found detailed information about this operator as payment methods, frequently asked questions and how to register, among other. There, you can see how Atlético has become a top team, both in Spain and internationally.

Milinko Pantic

He arrived at Manzanarés almost without making noise in 1995, with the insistence of the newcomer coach, Radomir Antic, to sign the Serbian. When he arrived in Madrid almost nobody knew anything about this footballer who came from the greek league, specifically from the Greek Panionios. With their 29 years he came to the Manzanares to make history and become a legend of the club based on effort and work. As Simeone, was a key piece for the colchoneros to get the double of the season 1995/96. The corner kicks that the Serbian made are still remembered, at the Vicente Calderón. But he has not completely disappeared from football, recently we have been able to see it as LaLiga ambassador.

Three great players to remember within the history of the club. But not the only ones, there are other names like Abel Resino, Fernando Torres, Jose Ufarte, Paolo Futre, Adelardo, Schuster, Vieri o Forlán.


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