Why they are Indians Atletico and Real Madrid Vikings?

Why they are Indians Atletico and Real Madrid Vikings?
Breitner and Netzer in his time as Whites (Photo: Real Madrid forum)

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As we have explained in our magazine, most teams and hobbies have nicknames which are known to the rest, on some occasions sympathetically, in other disparagingly. Today we will try to analyze the reasons why the fans Athletic they are known as Indians and those of Real Madrid as Vikings.

Why are those from Atlético known as Indians and those from Madrid as Vikings??

Why are Indians Atletico?

Go ahead there is no explanation 100% officer and is rather an assumption which has been speculated to over the years but everything indicates that the athletic fans were 'baptized’ as Indians for their rivals Real Madrid because in the years 70, the club mattress made many signings of South American players (Heredia, Ayala, baker Diaz…). Her dark skin and long hair were responsible for such mote.

baker Diaz, Heredia and Ayala
baker Diaz, Heredia and Ayala in his time at Athletic (Photo: Colchonero.com)

Over time, Atletico fans and the club itself, Far from taking it as an offense, adopted this nickname with pride to the point that tifos and large mosaics in the stands are made with reference to the Indians and the same club mascot is a raccoon disguised as Indian name 'Indi'. There is also another theory, much less widespread, pointing to athletic are Indians' inhabit’ near a river (the Calderon he was by the river Manzanares) and they hate the white man (In reference to Real Madrid).

Why Real Madrid are 'Vikings'?

Meanwhile, meringues fans are known as' Viking’ and surely it is a response from the athletic as the Real Madrid also it characterized by Nordic-looking sign players (blonde hair, moustache, beard…) in the early 70 from northern Europe (Netzer, Breitner, Stielike among others).

Another existing theories about the origin of this nickname lies in the publication of an article in The Times when the Real Madrid European champion was proclaimed for the fifth time in years 60. In her, the average Briton apparently compared with the white team Vikings as, Same as them, They wandered through Europe destroying everything in its path.

Like its neighbors, Real Madrid's supporters received the nickname proudly to the point that one of the most famous white cliffs set is called 'Viking Pride’. They are also common, especially in games that both teams face, the tifos with boats and Viking gods to try to intimidate his rival in the city.

Breitner y Metzer
Breitner y Metzer (Photo: White Heart)


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  1. Well that that Breitner and Stielike , They were blond….It is rather that Real Madrid was raging in Europe and now .. Ahem, Ahem… As for the “Indians “.The correct theory is rather the second , It was the nickname “were before the “colchoneros “, It was created when he left the presidency Alfonso Cabeza…. at present , cachoneo in the call plan “wanda boys “…..

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