The Chinese Recoba: talent and charrúa claw

The Chinese Recoba: talent and charrúa claw
Chino Recoba was a legend at Inter Milan. PHOTO:

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The Chinese Recoba He was one of those iconic players who began to emerge young in the mid-late years 90. Natural of Montevideo, He was one of those 'Spartans’ chosen to be a soccer player in Uruguay, a country that with little less than 3 million inhabitants and with an area of 176 215 km², he always manages to have a lot of high-level players. And the Chino was one of the best of his generation.

The Chinese Recoba, charrúa magic, legend at Inter Milan

Álvaro Alexander Recoba Rivero (1976) is his real name but everyone knew him by ‘El Chino’ for his slanted eyes more typical of an oriental than of a pure-bred Uruguayan from Montevideo like him. Footballers often have nicknames and he kept this.

In your country it started in Denubio and in the mythical National but like all the Uruguayan players who stand out, soon he left for Europe. In 1997 he joined Inter de Milan where he was 10 years, until 2007 with an assignment in between to the Venezia in the 98-99 where he marked 10 goals in 19 matches.

His arrival was not easy as he coincided with players like Ronaldo and Zamorano with his acquaintance 1+8. But in the end he ended his decade-long journey as an interista player with 260 official parties and 72 goals. further, with Inter, Recoba won two leagues, two Italian Cups, two Italian Super Cups and 1 UEFA.

El Chino Recoba and Ronaldo Inter
El Chino Recoba with Ronaldo in his time at Inter. PHOTO: Latino ball

Then match for 11 seasons with people like Ronaldo, Roberto Baggio, Zanetti, Zamorano and even Figo, Hernán Crespo, Adriano, Vieri, Seedorf and Stankovic among many many great players, the Chinese’ he went to play Torino for a year. Then to Greece and ended up returning to Uruguay where he retired in 2015 in Nacional where everything had started with much less hair and with almost 40 years.

A silk foot for Olympic goals and set pieces

Chino Recoba was known for his ability to score from set pieces and for the large number of olympic goals that he did especially in Nacional thanks to that magical left-handed man full of talent that he had. And it is that during his career he scored 5 direct goals from the corner. He was a legend both at Inter and at Nacional.

the bald Chinese Recoba in Uruguay
El Chino Recoba retired in Nacional as a legend in 2015. PHOTO: The Country Uruguay

He finished his brilliant career divided between 6 clubs with 532 official parties and 149 goals. further, Recoba was international with Uruguay 69 times and marked 11 goals participating with the Uruguayan national team in the World 2002 in Korea and Japan and in the Copa América and Confederations Cup of the year 1997 and in the America's Cup ten years later, in 2007, In Venezuela.

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