The incredible story of Winston Coe, the goalkeeper Manco

The incredible story of Winston Coe, the goalkeeper Manco
Historical photo of Winston Coe, the goalkeeper to which was missing an arm (Tribune Newspapers)

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In FUTBOLRETRO.ES We try to tell beautiful stories and amazing related to the world of the ball. of Winston Coe, It happened to posterity as The goalkeeper Manco’, definitely, worth being told.

The year 1906. In Argentina, football still lived an amateur era and was almost exclusive to the British who had arrived in the South American country and integrated virtually all computers templates. The Barracas Athletic He had a good goalkeeper, by name José Laforia. But nevertheless, the goalkeeper was transferred to the Alumni, one of the best Argentine clubs of that time.

The story of Winston Coe, the goalkeeper Manco

Coincidentally, Laforia not only was the goalkeeper of the team, was the only. then arose the problem of finding a replacement with little time since the Barracas Athletic He had a new party just days after the transfer. It was then that Winston Coe, right side of the computer, He volunteered. But nevertheless, the Irish had a peculiarity that, a priori, much he hindered its work to tackle the shots of opponents. He was missing an arm. “If I want I can lend a hand as, in my case, DOS is impossible”. He told his companions.

To everyone's surprise, the Barracas Athletic He took to the field in his next game with a one-armed goalkeeper. The team of Coe He was defeated by a score adjusted 2-1 against him Students Buenos Aires but the chronicles of some newspapers echoed the news highlighted the great performance of goalkeeper. The crowd who witnessed the crash applauded those stops and gradually the story was passed from mouth.

Winston Coe continued in goal for his team as a starter two games. Again, two defeats, this time much more bulky (11-0 Y 5-0 respectively). Far from blaming the golero, the press said that if it had not been for him, the markers (page which incidentally took the opportunity to recommend if you want to be the last in which to live results and forecasts referred) If they had been more humiliating.

Thus, Adventure Coe, the goalkeeper Manco, He ended. His story of overcoming and determination has been traveling through time and it is right that today still remember. The Irish returned to his natural position of right-back but, like is logic, He remained in memory and history for his role in goal despite his physical limitations.. As they say, love is power.

“If I want I can lend a hand as, in my case, DOS is impossible”

The Alumni Athletic club

We would not end this article without making a reference to the Alumni Athletic Club, teams that we quote the beginning of the same.

Buenos Aires team was, without a doubt, the best of Argentina at the time amateur. Not in vain,they won 10 championships from inception to the solution 1911. Although it was officially founded in 1898, He began his sporting activity 1893. The club was created by the students of Buenos Aires English High School (hence its name).

The case of the Alumni is not unique, much less. Another great club amateur that made history was the Corinthian FC Englishman, as they say, He inspired the Real Madrid in choosing the white color as the uniform of the British was this color.

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