The only two 'Zamoras’ Real Betis in the Primera Division

The only two 'Zamoras’ Real Betis in the Primera Division
Pedro Jaro in his time at Real Betis (As)

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Since the creation of the National League Championship season 1928-1929, the Real Betis has been one of the most campaigns have played in First division. But nevertheless, only two have been the goalkeepers who have won the prize Zamora to the goalkeeping thrashed in the top flight.


The first to achieve this important achievement was Joaquín Urquiaga in the course 1934-1935. That was a magical season for verdiblanco set as it was able to proclaim himself for the first and only time in its history champion Liga.

One of the keys of that team was defensive solidity and security of their goalkeeper. Urquiaga was the goalkeeping with only 19 goals conceded. The Real Madrid It was second place and received 34 goals against.


Actually, if we finicky, the only keeper who has achieved Zamora trophy First Division with the T-shirt Real Betis is Pedro Jaro, he succeeded in the campaign 1994-1995. We say this because This award was created by the newspaper Marca Year 1959, thus achieving Arquiaga predates, although they also tell.

Spring He made his professional debut in the ranks of Cádiz CF in which he played 6 seasons, 4 of them in First Division. He went to CD Málaga where his good work allowed him to sign the Real Madrid.

In the set merengue it was 4 all seasons but was a substitute so he decided a change of scenery and signed for Real Betis in the campaign 1994-1995. Verdiblanco his debut as player could not be better since that first year managed to be the goalkeeping thrashed League. further, team league signed a great performance finishing third in the table.

Spring He dressed in verdiblanco two seasons before joining the Atletico Madrid where he would hang his boots two years later. Definitely, a goalkeeper who made history in the Benito Villamarin and that, beside Arquiaga, son the only two 'Zamoras’ of Real Betis in First.


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